Thursday 26 May 2022
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Bengal law-and-order so bad, CRPF protecting CBI officers

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As the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probes the Rampurhat massacre in accordance with the order of the Calcutta High Court, the sleuths are under imminent threat of being attacked. In West Bengal, where the police have been an extension office of the ruling party since the 1970s, the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) is offering protection to the detectives.

The CBI team has been in Village Bogtui since yesterday and their investigation, of which they need to submit the report by 7 April to the court, is in progress, which began on the basis of the FIR lodged in a local police station. The Union Ministry of Home Affairs has appointed 35 personnel to protect the CBI sleuths.

Sources in the union government said that the central administration is worried about the safety and security of CBI officials in West Bengal. Jawans of CRPF’s 156th Battalion have halted in Durgapur on their way and then reached Rampurhat where they have set up their camps. The CBI officials are staying in different hotels.

Soldiers are deployed also outside the hotel, constantly monitoring the security of the officials. These jawans will be with the investigators in as many groups as required.

Trinamool Congress’s deputy village chief Bhadu Sheikh had been killed in the said village by a a year after his father was killed at the same spot. This faction of the party then retaliated against the attacking faction of Trinamool Congress — both the factions are Muslim-dominated — setting several houses on fire.

Eight people were burnt to death, as acknowledged by Bengal Police. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee visited the spot and ordered the of party block president Anarul Hossain. Eleven people, including Anarul, are now in CBI custody. They are being interrogated in a temporary camp.

Meanwhile, the chief minister made a funny remark today. As though it was not a court order that brought the central investigating agency to the case, Banerjee quipped during a speech in Siliguri: “Dadu-natir gondogol holeo CBI chai, maa-meyer gondogol holeo CBI chai! Ar koto niche namben? (Is the CBI needed even to settle issues between a grandfather and his grandson or between a mother and her daughter? How much more will you stoop?)” Did the West Bengal chief minister mean that the Calcutta High Court has stooped?

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