Thursday 30 June 2022
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BEd colleges must furnish every detail

New Delhi: In order to check deteriorating standard of in the country, the government has decided to crack down on the mushrooming BEd College in the country. Union Human Resource Development ministry had written letters to around 11,000 BEd Colleges across the country to furnish every detail related to them to the ministry in the form of affidavits.

Sources in the ministry said that around 8,500 BEd colleges have already furnished details to the ministry. The ministry had asked the BEd colleges to inform the ministry about the quality of teachers in the respective colleges, numbers of teachers in the colleges, the number of students in the colleges, how many students have been awarded degree by the colleges so far, of the college and the fee structure of the colleges so that the ministry is able to assess these colleges.

Sources in the ministry said that around 2,500 BEd colleges did not give any response to the letter written to them by the ministry. So the ministry was planning to send notices to these colleges once again. It was a difficult decision on part of the government to take tough measures against BEd colleges as political classes cutting across the party lines are involved in the management of BEd colleges but the government resolve to correct them for the betterment of the system of the country by taking action against those colleges which were involved in wrong practices was a bold one. The government is looking at to have a check on the BEd colleges where only degrees is provided.

Sources informed सिर्फ़ News that the ministry was getting lots of complaints about corruption and malpractices in BEd colleges. Sources in the ministry informed that the government would evaluate the affidavit furnished by these colleges and if any wrong information was provided by them tough action would be taken. The government would also be tough on such colleges which are not providing detail and proper action would be taken against them. The government wants teacher’s to be improved so teachers coming out of these colleges are able to give better education to students.

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