Thursday 19 May 2022
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Bawariya gang snatchers, dacoits arrested in Delhi

Radhey Shyam, Babu Lal and Pappu, all residents of Rajasthan, are members of the Bawariya gang who were active in Delhi's South West district area

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New Delhi: Three men suspected to be members of the Bawariya gang were arrested in connection with cases of snatching, theft and burglary across the city, police said Tuesday.

With their arrest, police claimed to have solved 11 cases of snatching, theft and burglary committed across Delhi, they said. 

The accused, identified as Radhey Shyam (30), Babu Lal (26) and Pappu (26), all residents of Rajasthan, are members of the Bawariya gang. They were active in Delhi’s South West district area, police said.

Due to an increase in incidents of snatching and burglary in South West Delhi, a police team was formed to culprits involved in such cases.

The arrests were made following a tip-off that the accused involved in snatching and robbery will be visiting near Anand Property, Bengali Basti, Rangpuri areas, Deputy Commissioner of Police (southwest) Devendra Arya said. 

Seven stolen mobile phones, four snatched gold chains and housebreaking equipment was recovered from the Bawariya gang. A scooter they were riding was also found to be stolen, the officer said. 

Later, four gold rings, two pairs of earrings, one silver glass, one silver plate, one silver bowl and one silver spoon were also recovered, the officer added.

Babu Lal along with his associates Pappu and Shyam used to patrol on the scooter or a bike in the areas of Delhi during day time, the DCP said. 

The Bawariya gang used to spot soft targets and after snatching or burglary, they would leave the area. One of the accused would mislead the target and the other two would commit the crime after his signal, police said.

Snatching has turned into a menacing crime across the country. Sirf News had reported on 22 May that President Ram Nath Kovind had approved the Gujarat legislation under which chain snatchers in the would face up to 10 years imprisonment instead of three years elsewhere in the country.

The Criminal Law (Gujarat Amendment) Bill 2018 will provide a maximum of 10 years of imprisonment and a fine of up to Rs 25,000 if anyone in Gujarat is convicted for the crime of chain snatching and causing injuries in the process.

In the period 2013-19, the Government Railway Police (GRP) could crack just 866 cases of chain-snatching out of the 2,084 registered cases on suburban local trains, Hindustan Times reported on 26 April. “The detection rate has plummeted in 2018 to just 27.8% after having been at a steady 40% since 2015. The GRP has begun a public awareness programme against theft, especially if commuters are wearing or carrying gold. To report a theft, commuters should dial the helpline number 1512,” the report said.

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