Tuesday 25 January 2022
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Bangladeshis arrested in Bengaluru for raping, assaulting woman

Preliminary investigation by Bengaluru Police yielded that the five Bangladeshis had trafficked the victim, also from their country, to India

The in Bengaluru have arrested five Bangladeshis, including a woman, for allegedly raping a woman and shooting the act of crime on camera. The case has been registered in Ramamurthy police station.

In a statement, Bengaluru said the victim was sexually abused and tortured, and the suspects filmed the act.

Preliminary investigation in the case has yielded that the victim and the five suspects are all Bangladeshis. say the victim was brought to India via human trafficking.

“Based on a video clip, wherein one woman was subjected to physical abuse and torture by a group of people, five culprits including a woman, visible in the clip were immediately traced and secured by Bengaluru City police,” Bengaluru said in a release.

The said, “At present, the victim is away in a neighbouring state and a police team has been dispatched to trace her so that she could join the investigation. All of them are from Bangladesh, who brutalised the victim over financial differences. They had brought the victim to India for human trafficking.”

On the basis of the contents of the video clip and facts disclosed during preliminary interrogation of the secured persons, a case of rape, assault has been registered and other relevant provisions of law invoked against the suspects, the release said.

The are trying to trace the victim and encourage her to join the investigation. The date of the crime is not known.

said the suspects would be produced before a court on 28 May.

“Based on the contents of the video and preliminary investigation, a case of rape and assault has been registered against six persons, including two women at Ramamurthy Nagar station.

A team has been deputed to an adjoining state to trace the victim so that she could join the investigation,” Bengaluru Police Commissioner Kamal Pant said in a tweet.

He said that based on the information gathered so far, “all of them are part of the same group and are believed to be from Bangladesh”.

The victim, who is a Bangladeshi, was brought to India for trafficking and was tortured and brutalised due to a financial matter,” Pant said, adding the investigation is being carried with “full earnestness” and under the supervision of senior officers.

Meanwhile, three teams headed by three inspectors have been formed to investigate this case.

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