Saturday 21 May 2022
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Bangladeshi terror suspect staying in Deoband for 7 years arrested

Talha Tar ul Qadar bin Farooq had been living in the Islamic seminary, brandishing fake IDs, has links to Pakistan and possible accomplices in India

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A team of Uttar Pradesh Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) has a student of Deoband Dar ul Uloom in Saharanpur. The Bangladeshi was staying in the seminary for the past seven years with the help of fake documents made in his country.

On being tipped off, the ATS reached the Islamic seminary last night and the Bangladeshi man identified as Talha Tar ul Qadar bin Farooq. He was allegedly involved in several suspicious activities in Deoband.

The Uttar Pradesh ATS had been monitoring several suspects for their reported involvement in seditious activities. The Bangladeshi student living in Deoband masquerading as an Indian turned out to have connections with Pakistan as well.

The ATS is currently interrogating the Bangladeshi, staying in Deoband since 2015 on the basis of fake documents, to know his motive and also the accomplices who facilitated his stay in the country.

ASP Deoband DP Tiwari said, “The ATS team has detained a suspicious youth. He is now being questioned. Further legal action will be taken soon.”

The Uttar Pradesh ATS another terror suspect yesterday. He is Abdullah al Mamon from Village Kutesara in District Muzaffarnagar. The ATS released a statement that said, “Abdullah is originally a resident of Momin Shahi district of Bangladesh and was linked to banned terror organisation Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT). He was staying in this region since 2011 and frequently travelled to Saharanpur and Deoband in particular. During questioning, he revealed that his main task was to settle the members of ABT in India by providing them with fake Aadhaar IDs and other documents.”

In a related development, Dar ul Uloom Deoband has decided to share documents of aspiring students with the local intelligence unit for “verification and an in-depth scrutiny of their antecedents”.

Officiating Vice-Chancellor of the seminary, Abdul Khaliq Madrasi, said, “The seminary will also make other aspects of its admission process more stringent because the seminary has often come under criticism for “harbouring suspicious elements.”

“People blame the seminary for the misdeeds of the students, even though the institution’s work is restricted to academic activities. To preserve the reputation of the institution, we have decided to get police verification of all new entrants done,” Madrasi added.

More than three months ago, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had laid the stone of ATS Commando Centre in Deoband on 4 January. Western Uttar Pradesh is considered a very sensitive area from a national security point of view, making the state government pick Deoband as the location for the commando centre.

This is a developing story. Revisit this page after a few hours for an updated version.

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