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Bangladeshi on medical tourism in India says ‘Modi, go back’

Noor Alam SK allegedly took part in an anti-CAA rally, holding a 'Modi, Go Back' placard while in Kolkata for his wife's treatment



An officer has written to Minister of External Affairs S Jaishankar that a Bangladeshi journalist who is in India to get his wife treated in a hospital in Kolkata was seen in a rally organised to hold demonstrations against the amended Indian citizenship law. Worse, he raised slogans like “Go back, Modi” with as much zeal as the Indian participants in the rally supported by West Bengal’s ruling Trinamool Congress.

A part of the letter to S Jaishankar

The officer writes: “As per reports in media and photographs published on social media platforms Bangladeshi journalist Noor Alam SK participated in anti CAA rally in Kolkata holding Modi Go Back placards. He is in the city for medical treatment of his wife at a hospital.”

“I request the immigration department to cross-check the media reports including news on this link,” the officer wrote.

“And I request you to immediately launch an inquiry and expel him from India with immediate effect if the news of his behaviour is correct,” the officer said. He added a request in the end, pleading with the external affairs minister to study a story published by OpIndia and photographic evidence supporting the allegation available in social media and send the Bangladeshi journalist and his wife back to their country if the charge is found true.

But even if true, this is not a new development in West Bengal. During the Lok Sabha election campaign, Bangladeshi film actor Ferdous Ahmed was caught canvassing for votes for a Trinamool Congress candidate at rallies across Hemtabad and Karandighi near the border. The Centre then sought a report from the Foreigner Regional Registration Officer, Kolkata, on the Bangladeshi actor allegedly campaigning for a Trinamool Congress candidate for the Lok Sabha polls. The Bangladeshi star, along with a few Indian actors, were found to have indeed taken part in campaigning for TMC’s Raiganj candidate Kanhaiyalal Agarwal.

Thereafter, under tremendous pressure of nationalists and law-abiding citizens, the Union government revoked the Indian visa of Bangladeshi actor Ferdous Ahmed following his transgression of participating in the Trinamool Congress campaign for Indian general election in West Bengal.


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