Thursday 28 October 2021
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Bangladesh sees renewed persecution of Hindus, temple desecration

Islamists in Bangladesh do not spare even celebrities, as was seen in their heckling of National Award-winning actor Chanchal Chowdhury on Facebook


There is a sudden spurt in the crimes targeting Hindus and temples in Bangladesh. Sources in the Islamic republic say that the callous attitude of politicians and police in Bangladesh is to blame for spurt, as the Muslim-majority country does not have a separate ministry for minorities that number approximately 1.27 crore.

On 2 June, Islamists interrupted a bhajan session at the Sri Radha Krishna temple in Daulatpur of District Narasingdi. Local Hindus who were singing prayers of Lord Krishna were beaten up. The deity’s idols were demolished and thrown away.

Islamists had warned and threatened local Hindus over the years to stop the kirtan, an inalienable aspect of Krishna bhakti. The attack followed the defiance in the face of the threat by Islamists.

Earlier, Muslims of the area had informed Hindus that bhajans and kirtans were haram (sin according to Islam) and claimed that such activities were banned on Islamic soil. They warned the Hindus that constructing temples and singing prayers in the land of Islam was an insult to Islam and they had no place in a Muslim -majority country.

On 30 May, two temples were vandalised. The Islamic mob desecrated the idols and tossed them on the road. In the first incident, a Kali temple in Agamara in Rajbari district was vandalised and the murti was thrown on the road.

The same day, late at night, another Islamist group attacked the Saraswati temple in Bhaktapur. The miscreants ripped the deity out of the temple and threw it on the road. There are allegations that both these incidents were part of a conspiracy plan.

On 23 May, Muslims had attacked the Raj Laxmi Narayan temple in Hajiganj village of Chandpur district. Temple and bore witness to heavy brick pelting.

The regularity with which such atrocities are cropping up in Bangladesh has created an atmosphere of fear in the local Hindu minority community. Attacks on temples are now common in Muslim majority countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh. There are also reports that, fearing violent retaliation, many Hindus do not approach the local police when such incidents occur.

The police have arrested none so far in any of the aforementioned cases.

Islamists in Bangladesh do not spare even celebrities

Three weeks ago, on Mother’s Day (9 May), National Award-winning actor Chanchal Chowdhury of Bangladesh was harassed on his Facebook wall because of his identity.

As the actor uploaded a picture with his mother with the caption “Maa”, some people were surprised at seeing vermillion on his mother’s head, which is worn by married women in communities.

Among those who made the comments, there were some who expressed their surprise over their “discovery” of Chanchal’s and made aggravating comments, abusing Chanchal and his mother.

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