Part IV

Kolkata: Bangladesh has arrested five Rohingyas while they were trying to infiltrate into India via West Bengal. They were arrested along the Ghasuria border that falls under the BGB Birampur sub-district. The arrested include women and children.

The Rohingyas were noticed at 10 AM on 22 March loitering around near the 288/51st sub-pillar on the border about 100 yards inside the Bangladeshi territory, trying to sneak through and cross over to India.

Those apprehended are Abdul Haq (35) from a neighbourhood called Khanjia in the Mandu police station area of the Ikaf district of Myanmar; a woman Noor Fatema (25) who is the wife of a certain Mohammed Hossain hailing from the Sirdarpada under the jurisdiction of the same police station; her child Fahat Hossen (5); another woman by the name of Fatema who is the wife of a Jewel Hossain and their one-year-old daughter Maimuna Begum.

Rajnikanta Sarkar, the camp commander of BGB Ghasuria said the BGB guards apprehended the potential infiltrators and interrogated them. The loiterers accepted they were Burmese nationals. They further said, according to Sarkar, that some “influential people” on the Indian side of the border had assured them a place in a ‘refugee’ camp of West Bengal.

The commander of the BGB-20 battalion, Colonel Rashid Mohammed Anis ul Haq, is investigating the matter.

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