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Bandra railway station sees thousands crowd again following rumour

Sources also said that migrants had received phone calls from police station informing about special trains being arranged for them from Mumbai


In a scare at the Bandra railway station in Mumbai amid the pandemic, a huge crowd of migrant workers gathered outside to board a Shramik Special train to Bihar.

A train was due to depart for Bihar from the Bandra railway station and it was in anticipation to get a seat on the train that the migrant workers gathered outside station in huge numbers. However, this led to fluting of social distancing norms and a and order situation got created.

Police then had to step in to disperse the crowd. As per details available, only those people who had registered themselves for the train travel were allowed to board the train.

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Initial reports suggest that migrant labourers had started arriving at Bandra railway station at around 9 AM but in just a few hours there were around 4,000-5,000 labourers at the station. Sources said further that migrants had received phone calls from police station informing about special trains being arranged for them from Mumbai.

While thousands gathered outside the Bandra railway station, the only people who had registered themselves (about 1,000) were allowed to board the Shramik Special train. The police dispersed the rest.

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As the Bandra railway station administration, police officials continue to remove migrants, four people have been arrested so far who are accused of spreading the rumours about special trains being run for migrants who are willing to travel to Uttar Pradesh, Bihar.

The Indian Railways has reacted to the incident:

“Today, a Shramik Special train was scheduled for Purnia from Bandra Terminus for which passengers, registered with state authorities, were to travel. But many people who were not registered and not called by state authorities gathered on the bridge and road near the station. Bonafide passengers were checked and allowed to enter the station by state machinery and the train left Bandra Terminus at about 12 hours with 1700 labourers and their families who were entitled to travel. Later, the crowd was cleared from the area by the city police,” Ravinder Bhakar, Western Railway CPRO, said.

It may be noted that point-to-point Shramik Special trains are being run by the Indian Railways, in consultation with respective state governments, to ferry back stranded migrant workers to their home states.

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