Sunday 28 February 2021
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Balloon filled with $ 37 million by bank & pricked

Legacy Texas had transferred $ 37,203,337 to the joint account of Ruth Balloon and her husband who contacted the bank in fear of a scam even as his wife got excited about the money

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Politics World Balloon filled with $ 37 million by bank & pricked

If you believed workers of Indian banks alone goof up while handling modern electronic systems of money transfer, think again. A bank called Legacy Texas in the United States accidentally transferred more than $ 37 million (approximately worth Rs 262 crore) to the account of customer Ruth Balloon. By mistake, of course.

When the woman checked her account last week, she was stunned. She then asked her husband about the money that came into the account.

The incident of accidental transfer of a large amount to a bank account occurred in a bank situated in Dallas, Texas, the US. The 35-year-old customer became a billionaire due to a mistake by a bank employee.

Balloon was finishing up her shift at Roma Boots in Dallas when she thought of checking her account. She said her account had an extra $ 37 million. “I was hoping someone really gifted us $ 37 million,” Balloon told KTVT.

Screenshot on the phone of Ruth Balloon
Screenshot on Ruth Balloon’s phone

The woman tried to contact Legacy Texas after finding her balance grossly inflated, but she could not immediately get in touch with them due to the queue in the bank’s online chatroom. The mother of two said that she wanted to believe that someone had gifted her the money! “I was a millionaire. I have a screenshot (image on the right) of it; so I can say that now. It’s quite a story,” Balloon said.

The woman customer, still excited but lost, said, “I was going to do 10% tithing. Then I was going to donate some money. And then I’d have probably invested in real estate.”

When Balloon told her husband Briana about the incident, the latter felt it was a scam. On contacting the bank, it was found that it was not a miracle that happened on the occasion of Christmas, but a mistake by the bank.

The bank said that a staffer had transferred the money to the wrong account number. The bank apologised for the incident and withdrew the money. However, the woman said that, for a moment, she had wondered how she would spend the money.

Balloon is now hoping for a little reward from the bank, as her husband had honestly tried to tell the bank about its mistake. “A thank you reward would be a little good, you know! Just for being a good customer and notifying them as soon as possible,” she said.

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