Saturday 31 October 2020

Baghdadi was identified by DNA trace from underwear

A Kurd agent of the SDF sneaked into the hideout of Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, stole his undergarments from which the US forces detected his DNA

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The US had to work hard to get information about Baghdadi from the Barisha village in north-western Syria. The biggest challenge before the American forces was to make sure that the person hiding there is Baghdadi. To solve this problem, the US intelligence agency CIA joined hands with spies of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), an organisation of Kurdish fighters.

An agent of the SDF surreptitiously reached the house where Baghdadi lived in Barisha. He stole some of Baghdadi’s undergarments from there and handed them over to the US forces. By testing DNA from samples from this underwear, the US forces were 100% confident that the person out there was the most wanted terrorist of the ISIS. The US launched the operation to eliminate Baghdadi after that.

Polt Caine, a senior SDF advisor, narrated the story of Baghdadi’s underwear on Twitter in detail. He said, “From 15 May onwards, we were monitoring Baghdadi’s whereabouts and trying to find him. We were able to find from our sources that Baghdadi had moved from the Deir al Zour (or Dei ez-Zor) area of al Dashisha towards Idlib.”

Stealing underwear from hideout of Baghdadi

Polt Caine said that Baghdadi was constantly changing his hideout in fear of an attack. This time, the terrorist was about to change his base, too. Then one of the SDF agents reached the house where Baghdadi lived. He retrieved some of Baghdadi’s undergarments and came back.

After this, a DNA test was done with an underwear sample and it was ensured that the person the US was looking for was the same.

Turkey could have derailed the operation

After being sure about Baghdadi’s presence, the US was about to launch an attack but by then the news came that Baghdadi was going to change his base once again.

Meanwhile, in another development, Turkey attacked Kurdish fighters in Syria. Because of this, the US had to postpone its operation for a few days.

Turkey soon halted its operation in Syria. After this, the US restarted the campaign. Finally, on Saturday night, the attack to eliminate Baghdadi was launched. When US President Donald Trump was addressing the country to end Baghdadi, he referred to the help from the Kurds.

Turkish military adviser Poulot Can said that the US military got all the help from them. The SDF helped the American troops to describe the airdrop as a target.

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