Thursday 9 December 2021
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Babita Phogat: ‘Neither said anything wrong nor targeted any religion’

Babita Phogat says she was tweeting against those who have mistreated the doctors on duty during the Covid-19 pandemic

Indian wrestler Babita Phogat on Sunday backed her comment on the Nizamuddin incident saying that she “neither said anything wrong nor targeted any religion”.

Amid India combating the novel Coronavirus with social distancing being the backbone of the fight, a Tablighi Jamaat was organized in Nizamuddin which saw thousands gathered in the country, including people from abroad. After investigation, it was found that many of the people present there were infected with COVID-19.

The careless action soon garnered wide criticism with Babita taking to her handle to write: “At your place it might have spread through bats, in India it spread through illiterate pigs.”

As per reports, Babita had used the “Nizamuddin Idiots hashtag” in her post, purportedly calling the gathered people “illiterate pigs”.

After this, the wrestler was heavily criticised. In addition, her account was blocked and was opened only after the tweet was deleted.

However, wrestler defended her comment and added that those pelting stones on doctors, who are putting their own lives at risk, should be hanged.

Babita Phogat says she was tweeting against those who have mistreated the doctors on duty during the Covid-19 pandemic. “Main yeh kehna chahti thi ki jin logo ne yeh harkate ki hai unko maine jaahil keh ke chota shabd kaha hai. Unko phasi dedo. Agar doctor nurse hatash ho kar apne ghar baith gaye toh humara ilaaj kaun karega? Mera tweet un logo ke liye tha jin logo ne yeh kaam kiya hai, kisi dharm, jaati vishesh ke liye nahi. Mere liye yeh sab baad main aata hai, mere liye mera Hindustan zindabaad tha, zindabaad hai aur zindabaad rahega,” adds Babita.  

“I still stand by my tweet, I have neither said anything wrong nor targeted any religion. People are pelting stones on doctors who are protecting others while putting their own lives at risk. Such people should be hanged,” Phogat said.

India is currently under a 21-day lockdown announced by PM Modi that will conclude on 14 April. India has so far reported 117 deaths due to the novel Coronavirus which has affected at least 4,288 in the country as per the Worldometer.


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