Tuesday 25 January 2022
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Babar Azam gets engaged to cousin; marriage in 2022

While Pakistan cricket captain Babar Azam kept his engagement a secret, his teammates knew it; one or more of them leaked it to reporters

Pakistan cricket captain Babar Azam has got engaged to his paternal cousin. While marrying cousins is a prevalent practice among Muslims, the news came as a surprise to cricket fans as the team is currently in Abu Dhabi preparing for the second half of the Super League (PSL).

Babar Azam is in quarantine currently. He got engaged earlier and will get married next year.

Babar Azam plays for the Karachi Kings in PSL and will be looking forward to performing well in the tournament. The remaining 20 matches of the season are likely to be played from 9 June and the schedule is yet to be announced.

Meanwhile, despite always being in the spotlight, more for his batting heroics, Babar Azam managed to keep his engagement very much a secret. However, all his teammates knew about his engagement. It is believed one or more of them leaked the information to Geo News Urdu.

Interestingly, veteran cricketer Azhar Ali did a Q&A session to interact with his fans on only a few days ago. One of the fans had asked him during the session to say some words for the Babar Azam.

In response, Azhar had hilariously asked him to get married. “Shadi kar lay (get married),” was his response and suggestion for his captain.

Not much is known about the cousin the Pakistani is marrying next year.

Ever since he has been named the all-cricket-format of Pakistan, Babar Azam has been pretty busy. The team has some non-stop cricket to play in the near future. They are supposed to leave for England on June 22, soon after the PSL. Once they return from UK, a lot of cricket at home or the UAE is schedule. is scheduled to play against England at home, New Zealand (at home or UAE) and then against Afghanistan in the UAE.

T20 World Cup is also set to be played in October-November in either India or the UAE. Overall, it could be said that this is a crucial year for Babar Azam the captain.

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