Thursday 28 October 2021
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Baaghi 3: Overdose Of Tiger, Coronavirus Mar The Show

Baaghi 3, which trade analysts are upbeat about, could do well in areas where news of the virus has not terrified the potential audience


Baaghi 3 bases its story on the bond between two brothers, where the is physically weak sibling makes distress calls and, hold your breath, the stronger brother makes an instant appearance on the scene! The film overflowing with action is as high on sibling love. Baaghi 3 is set on the backdrop of Agra. Ronnie (Tiger Shroff) lives as a shadow of his brother Vikram (Riteish Deshmukh). Ronnie reaches out to help Vikram in every trouble. Until a day before, we thought it could work, but will it?

Their father (Jackie Shroff) was a police officer who dies in an accident, but before he dies, he urges Ronnie to always take care of Vikram. Ronnie under that vow saves Vikram at every step, considering his father’s last words as inviolable.

One day Vikram gets a chance to join the police, which he refuses for an obvious reason. He says he cannot even stand in front of goons while bashing up baddies is a child’s play for Ronnie. It should, therefore, be the stronger brother who should join the force.

But Ronnie persuades Vikram as the former is saddled with 33 cases of violence against him.

Then appears the bad guy, a big- gangster named — nope, it isn’t a comedy — IPL! Vikram is posted in the same goddamn territory where the baddie operates.

IPL kidnaps not individuals but whole families from different cities of the country and sends them to Syria. One day Vikram gets an order to raid IPL’s den. He is petrified by the very idea, but together with brother Ronnie, he saves a kidnapped family. Vikram gains the confidence of the ‘policeman of Agra’ that moment.

After some time, the Ministry of External Affairs sends Vikram to Syria to investigate a matter. As Vikram goes to Syria, IPL tips off the mercenaries of Villain No. 2 Abu Jalala, the head of Syria’s largest terrorist group. Now Vikram is in real danger. The second baddie supposedly spreads terror in Syria and all over the world with suicide attacks.

Now to save Vikram, brother Ronnie reaches Syria too. But before that, the smart ass does not forget to take his girlfriend and Vikram’s sister-in-law Siya (Shraddha Kapoor) along.

Saving Vikram then turns the mission of Baaghi Ronnie.

This Baaghi rebels when asked to act

Tiger Shroff is the right cast in the role of Ronnie. His act goes as far as one can expect from him. An attempt has been made to bring an emotional twist in the film, not a forte of Shroff Jr though. Tiger struggles through this sequence.

Riteish Deshmukh, Shraddha Kapoor, Ankita Lokhande as Vikram’s wife Ruchi — all do a fair bit of acting. Vijay Verma and Jaideep Ahlawat come across as a better deal.


The direction is weak. Baaghi 3 could have been better if it repeated the right proportion of action and emotion like Baaghi 2. Director Ahmed Khan thought the action would serve better as the main course. He faltered.

Unnecessary action is punched into several scenes in the film. Tiger Shroff’s action sequence dealing with army helicopters and tankers have no rhyme or reason.

Unless you’re a kid drooling over Tiger Shroff’s eight-pack abs and stunts, avoid Baaghi 3.

Box office

The film released at an inopportune when people are avoiding assembling at a place for the fear of contracting the dreaded novel coronavirus-2019 disease. The attendance was slim in the Noida theatre where this reviewer caught up with the film. Lest the sample should be non-representative, let’s ask trade analysts.

Taran Adarsh is upbeat about the masala: “#OneWordReview#Baaghi3: ENTERTAINER. Rating: 3½ Well-packaged *mass entertainer* that will roar at BO… Action is its USP and #TigerShroff, the soul, one-man army… #Riteish, #Shraddha in good form… Another HIT from #SajidNadiadwala#AhmedKhan combo. #Baaghi3Review

Sumit Kadel has tweeted:”#Baaghi3 BO PREDICTION: #coronavirus threat in India can hamper film collection in some belts but still the film is going to take a big opening of ₹ 20 cr+ at the box office. I am expecting the film to fetch between ₹ 20-25 cr on Day 1. Mass belt contribution to be substantial.”

It is possible that territories not impacted by coronavirus show better results than Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, cities of Kerala, etc.

After all, if the audience could not only tolerate but also cheer the impossibility of a deputy commissioner of police harbouring an enormous army of mercenaries in Baaghi 2, this plot is relatively more plausible.

Reporting fromNew Delhi
VS Philip
Retired government servant and citizen journalist

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