Thursday 29 July 2021
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Azhar rapes calf: Another pervert in the series Ayyub, Khurshid, Chhote Khan…

The act of crime of Azhar is not the first incident of the kind in India. Last year, eight people led by a certain Ayyub and another Khursheed in Haryana had gang-raped a goat. In Madhya Pradesh, a Chhote Khan raped a cow. In Uttar Pradesh, another Muslim man was caught in a similar act of perversion.

Mangaluru: In yet another act of perversion by members of a certain community, a man was caught red-handed in the Kunjathbailu village on the outskirts of Mangaluru raping a calf. Mohammad Azhar Ansari, the pervert, was caught in the act by some locals and thrashed up.

The incident occurred in the area of the Kavuru police station. Azhar is a labourer from Bihar.

The owner of the calf had tied it for feeding hay. Some passers-by chanced upon Mohammad Azhar Ansari performing the sexual act and rescued the calf. They forced Azhar to beg for forgiveness before the calf, but the animal was so petrified by the just concluded encounter with the bestial rapist that it fled on being approached.

The facts came as a shock to the youth who apprehended Azhar. They had not witnessed something like this in their native area.

Part of the exchange between the youth and the bestial rapist were recorded on a mobile device and uploaded on social media. The youth are seen in the video heckling Azhar. Details of the legal course initiated against the bestial rapist are awaited.

This is not the first incident of the kind in India. Last year in July, eight people led by a certain Ayyub and another Khursheed from the Marora village of district Mewat, Haryana, had gang-raped a goat. The animal succumbed to injuries within a few hours of the .

Days thereafter, a similar incident surfaced from Madhya Pradesh. The incident occurred in the suburb of Suthalia of Rajgarh district of Madhya Pradesh and the suspect was an aged man. A Muslim again! A local businessman Mahesh Agrawal was returning home that night of August last year when he saw Chhote Khan with pyjama down assaulting the cow sexually near the temple of Lord Rama in Ward No. 6.

In 2018, a Muslim man from the Tilwara village of Baghpat in raped a four-month-old heifer calf that died of internal injuries soon after the attack.

Both the incidents of last year had led to tension gripping the villages that were the spots of the crime.

Bestiality is dealt with legally in the country under Sections 295 and 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Internationally, several incidents of bestiality were reported by the US-led NATO forces during the Second Gulf War, the anti- operations in Syria and Iraq, and the anti- operation in Afghanistan, the videos of which cannot be shared here for reasons of editorial policy and propriety.

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