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Azhar kills brother-in-law Brijesh, tells cops he avenged harām

As Azhar attacked Brijesh with an axe, villagers rushed to stop him, but he fled to the police station and confessed he had exacted revenge

In a typical case that highlights the fate of reversal of love jihad, a Muslim man Azharuddin (Azhar) murdered his sister’s husband Brijesh with the blows of an axe on Wednesday afternoon in the Allahabad village of Paniara police station area. After executing the murder, the blood-stained accused reached the police station with the axe. The story of retaliation stunned the policemen.

Sources in Paniara said Brijesh (26), son of Purushottam, a resident of Allahabad village, had married Safib of the village nine years ago. The bride’s Muslim family felt wronged by this act that is considered harām (illegitimate) in Islam where Safib had become Vijaylakshmi after marrying at a temple.

Brijesh and Vijaylakshmi have two children. Brijesh lived in the village with wife Vijayalakshmi and their children. Brijesh was returning home from the intersection around 2:30 PM on Wednesday. His brother-in-law was waiting under a tree on the west side of the village for an ambush. As Brijesh crossed the spot, Safib’s brother Azhar attacked him with an axe.

While the blows of the axe were on, several people of the village, shocked by the goings-on, attempted to stop and capture him, but Azhar himself fled to the Paniara police station. He told the police that his sister had married a Hindu man. To exact revenge, he murdered his brother-in-law.

A source in the local police station said, “Brijesh had fallen in love with this Muslim woman about five years ago. He married her at the Gorakhnath temple in the year 2014. The woman’s family never accepted the marriage. Especially her young brother was terribly upset. Azhar had tried to stop the marriage but his sister did not pay heed to him.”

The police officer further said, “At first, Azhar tried to convince them both, but nothing worked. He then decided to kill Brijesh and started looking for an opportunity.”

But Brijesh also got a son and a daughter and his wife was happy with the children, the cop said. Brijesh was the only son of his parents who were happy with the way their son’s family had shaped up. The other day, Azhar called Brijesh near a mango tree near their house and stabbed him several times with an axe and killed him, the policeman said.

The case being communally sensitive, the administration has deployed heavy police force in the village. A mob attempted to set the house of the accused ablaze, but the police managed the situation in time.

SP Rohit Singh Sajwan and ASP Ashutosh Shukla reached the spot, inspected the site of the incident and gave necessary directions to the subordinates. The police are framing charges against Azhar to build an airtight case against him in the court.

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