Wednesday 20 October 2021
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Ayesha Shroff upset by criticism of Baaghi 3

Critiques of Baaghi 3 ranged from weak story to bad direction and too much of screen space allotted to Tiger, which hurt his mother


producer, model and Tiger Shroff’s mother Ayesha has not taken kindly to the way critics have panned her son’s most awaited film Baaghi 3. She has pointed out that the has all signs of turning into a blockbuster, with a double-digit earning on the first day.

The has grossed Rs 17.50 crore. Its main attraction is tremendous action.

However, while there was a great buzz about Baaghi 3 Rizal before its release, critics dampened the spirits by punching holes in its plot. Most film critics did not say Baaghi 3 was a good movie.

Critiques ranged from the deficiency in the story of the to its direction. Then a section of the audience complained that there was too much of screen space allotted to Tiger in the film.

Tiger’s mother Ayesha thunders

Despite all the brickbats, Tiger’s mother Ayesha Shroff seems happy for her son’s film. According to her, Baaghi 3 is getting a lot of “love” from the public. Speaking to website SpotboyE in this connection, Ayesha said, “The audience for whom the was made is loving it.”

“The public reviews and reviews are unanimously fantastic,” Ayesha said, adding, “I am very happy today.”

There is no denying that Baaghi 3 is a mass entertainer. A large number of people are going out to see the film.

As for the story, the Baaghi 3 plot revolves around two brothers. The character of Tiger is protective of his timid brother (Riteish Deshmukh) who has been forced to go to Syria on a mission of Agra Police, which the older brother had joined reluctantly.

Ayesha Shroff (née Dutt) married her longtime boyfriend and Bollywood actor, Jackie Shroff on her birthday on 5 June 1987. She later turned into a producer. The couple runs a media company, Jackie Shroff Entertainment Limited. They jointly owned 10% shares in Sony TV since its launch until 2012 when they sold their stake and ended their 15-year-long association with Sony TV.

But Baaghi 3 is not a Shroff family production.

Ayesha and Jackie Shroff have two children. Their elder son Tiger Shroff was born in 1990 and daughter Krishna was born in 1993.

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