Tuesday 25 January 2022
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Autopsy of Kamlesh Tiwari reveals extent of assailants’ barbarity

Facts other than the details of the autopsy have come to light that project UP Police in poor light; they have somewhat got their act together after the man who had been pleading for better security is no more

The report of autopsy (post-mortem) on Kamlesh Tiwari’s body has arrived. It shows a bullet wound on the left side of his face, which caused a deep wound in his jaw muscle. This bullet was trapped inside the body.

Apart from this, there were 15 wounds in other parts of the body, which showed that Tiwari was brutally murdered by the suspected killers from Surat, Gujarat, who, preliminary investigation suggests were radicalised by the call for his death by a of Muslim clerics based in Bijnor.

According to the autopsy report, in addition to sustaining the bullet wound in the face, Tiwari was stabbed with a knife in the following parts of his body.

  • 6 cm below the chin on the neck
  • a deeper wound on the throat in the front
  • Two wounds on the right side of the chest
  • Seven wounds on the left side of the chest
  • a wound on the left shoulder
  • a wound on the left shoulder descending towards the back
  • a wound on the left side of the back
  • a direct stab wound on a shoulder

The suspected murderers of Tiwari are Surat-based Rashid Ahmad Khurshid Ahmad Pathan, Faizan Yunus Bhai and Mohsin Sheikh while maulanas and from Uttar Pradesh are alleged to have caused the provocation for the -blooded murder. Suspect Mohsin Sheikh is himself a maulana, too.


ISIS emerges as most probable killer of Kamlesh Tiwari

While alive, Kamlesh Tiwari kept pleading with the officers to strengthen his security cover, but he was not provided adequate security even after the ATS had alerted the Uttar Pradesh administration, it has been learnt. A head constable aged 56 years, who happens to be a gunner, was posted at the residence of Tiwari. This gunner often reported late to duty.

The state government took the matter of security of people in the province with heightened risk to life seriously only after the killing of Tiwari on Friday when his family members also made inadequate security an issue.

SSP Kalanidhi said that the security of Tiwari’s family members has now been increased. Four gunners will be with the family 24×7. The four policemen would include a head constable. Lines are providing this security cover to the family. A security cover will be provided also from the local police station at Naka, the area where the murder took place last week.

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