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Australia relaxes travel rules for students, workers: 5 things to know

Australia had first reopened its border to quarantine-free travelers on 1 November after 20 months of stringent pandemic restrictions


Beginning 1 December, Australia will permit fully vaccinated eligible visa holders, including skilled workers and students to enter the country without the need to apply for a travel exemption. “The return of skilled workers and students to Australia is a major milestone in our pathway back, it’s a major milestone about what Australians have been able to achieve,” said Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Australia had first reopened its border to quarantine-free travellers on 1 November after 20 months of stringent pandemic restrictions. But arrivals were first restricted to Australian citizens and permanent residents.

Some Australian farmers have left fruit and vegetables to rot in fields because the backpackers who provide the seasonal workforce of pickers have been absent. The backpackers were some of Australia’s highest yielding visitors, spending 3.2 billion Australian dollars ($ 2.3 billion) a year before the pandemic. They made up a substantial part of the seasonal workforce, Business Group Australia executive director John Hart said in a statement.

5 things to know about new travel rules to Australia

  1. The Australian government expects 2 lakh vaccinated foreign students and skilled workers will soon return without quarantining when the country further relaxes pandemic restrictions next week.
  2. From 1 December, students, skilled workers and travellers on working vacations will be allowed to land at Sydney and Melbourne airports without needing to seek exemptions from a travel ban.
  3. While vaccinated travellers will be able to arrive without quarantining in New South Wales and Victoria, Australia’s most populous states, parts of the country with lower vaccination rates still impose pandemic restrictions at state lines.
  4. But the government has yet to decide when general tourists will be allowed to return.
  5. Australia’s vaccine rollout has gathered pace. More than 85% of the population aged 16 and older is now fully vaccinated.

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