Australia may be first country to find coronavirus cure

China has not shared samples of the virus with any lab outside the country but Australia will soon share their information with the WHO


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Scientists in Australia claim to have achieved a breakthrough in the fight against the deadly coronavirus. Australian scientists say they have developed a sample outside China and this will soon lead to a cure of the coronavirus disease.

Viruses that have been developed outside the natural environment are likely to be used in developing antibody probes. This leads to the detection of the virus even in such patients who are unaware of their infection due to the lack of symptoms.

The outbreak of the coronavirus disease turned into an epidemic in China and then spread outside the country far and wide. So far, 132 people have died in China due to this respiratory disease caused by the virus. About 6,000 people are infected by it.

The Doherty Institute in Melbourne, Australia, reported on Wednesday that a coronavirus sample had been developed during a patient’s cell culture. These scientists of Australia will share the details of the virus, developed outside China for the first time, with the World Health Organization (WHO) soon.

Julian Druce, head of the Virus Identification Lab, Melbourne, Australia, said, “Chinese authorities released a gene group of this novel coronavirus, which is helpful in identifying the disease.” However, having the real virus means that now the ability to verify all levels of investigation has come, which will prove to be very important in the treatment of this disease. It can prove to be a game-changer for the detection and treatment of coronavirus.

Chinese health officials said on Wednesday that 5,974 cases of virus infection were confirmed and 31 new cases of pneumonia caused by the virus were reported till Tuesday. According to the official news agency Xinhua, a total of 132 people have died due to this virus so far. The agency said that 125 people had died due to coronavirus in Hubei province till Tuesday and 3,554 cases were confirmed.

China has not yet shared samples of the virus with any lab outside the country. However, Australian scientists will soon share the information they have with the WHO.

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