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India Elections Atishi, AAP candidate in East Delhi, appeals for vote...

Atishi, AAP candidate in East Delhi, appeals for vote for goons

He said, 'The (SP-BSP) candidate is a goon. What should I do?' 'Go vote for the coalition with your eyes shut,' Atishi advised the voter


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New Delhi: Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP) candidate from East Delhi Atishi, while canvassing for the Lok Sabha election, had appealed to the people to vote for goons on 24 April, a day after the third phase of polling. While she was addressing a motley crowd, the video of her address went viral and thus reached thousands of people.

Formerly called Atishi Marlena, the AAP candidate and spokesperson dropped her second name last year before addressing a Kshatriya Mahasabha as Atishi Singh and then denied she was being casteist.

Giving the example of choices before voters in Uttar Pradesh, she said that somebody in the State told her that the Samajwadi Party-Bahujan Samaj Party candidate in his constituency was a gangster. The AAP candidate from East Delhi says she told him not to worry about that, as defeating the BJP was paramount in this election.

“For example, UP men aaj ya kal men polling ka ek phase tha. To agar aap UP men dekhiye, BJP ko sirf SP aur BSP ki coalition haraa sakti hai aur koi nahin haraa sakta. So, if you were a UP voter, to hamen kya karna chahiye tha? Hamen apna vote jaa ke SP-BSP gathbandhan ko dena chahiye, chaahe un ka jaisa bhi candidate ho, [For example, there was a phase of polling today or yesterday in Uttar Pradesh. If you look at UP, the coalition of the SP and BSP alone can defeat the BJP; nobody else can. So, if you were a UP voter, what should you do? You go vote for the SP-BSP coalition, regardless of who the candidate is,”] Atishi is heard saying.

Hamaare jaankaar hain, unse baat ho rahi thi. To kahte hain ji hamaare ilaaqe ka candidate gunda hai. Main kya karoon? I said, abhi aankh band karke coalition ko daal ke jaake vote daal aao because this is an election jahaan pe BJP ko haraana zaroori hai, [I have an acquaintance. I was talking to him. He said, ‘The candidate in our constituency is a goon. What should I do?’ I said, ‘Go vote for the coalition with your eyes shut because this is an election where it is necessary to defeat the BJP,”] Atishi affirmed.

Atishi’s speech has expectedly outraged people on social media. Scientist and researcher Anand Ranganathan said on Twitter the election address was “revolting”.

“REVOLTING. ‘s protégé Ms Atishi Marlena (named after Marx and Lenin by her parents) – who wanted to change the system and fight against thugs and corruption – advises people to close their eyes and vote for THUGS and GOONS,” Ranganathan tweeted.

Rajya Sabha MP of the BJP Rajeev Chandrasekhar seized the opportunity to take potshots at the AAP candidate. “And that is the “change” that promised n represents!” he wrote on Twitter.

For more Lok Sabha election-related news, please visit this page.

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