Friday 30 October 2020

Assam flood: Sonowal’s village, constituency submerged

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The Assam flood has drowned Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal‘s native village in Dibrugarh and his Assembly constituency Majuli among other areas. The flood has killed 66 people in the state and affected nearly 36 lakh others.

The deluge has impacted several villages under the Majuli Assembly constituency and Bidhakata village panchayat in the Chabua area. The flood has forced thousands of people to leave their homes and take shelter in relief camps or other safer places.

Bindhakata Village Panchayat under Chabua Assembly constituency in Dibrugarh district is the ancestral village of the Assam chief minister. The floodwaters have entered several villages under Bindhakata Village Panchayat and people have forced to take shelter in safer places.

Around 100 families of Bindhakata Village Panchayat have taken shelter at Bishnu Rabha auditorium, Bindhakata after the floodwaters entered their homes.

The floodwaters have submerged hundreds of acres of agricultural land in the area.

A local resident of Bindhakata Village Panchayat said that at least four-five villages under Bindhakata Village Panchayat had been affected by the deluge.

“The floodwaters have inundated Tengabari, Mirigaon, Mulukghat and Gerekibarua villages under Bindhakata Village Panchayat. About 75 families of Mirigaon area have now taken shelter at Bishnu Rabha Auditorium. The floodwaters have submerged the Tamuli Ali Road and entered every house in Khalgaon Village,” the local resident said.

School buildings and houses that had survived the last flood have also been destroyed by the recent flood, eroding the last glimmer of hope in the hearts of the affected villagers.

As the floods began, locals had initially taken shelter in the forest behind the native house of Chief Minister Sonowal, with whatever nominal belongings they could rescue. However, as floodwater levels increased, they were forced to flee the forest area as well.

Now, several villagers are taking shelter in the relief camps set up by the government.

Locals have made multiple appeals to Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal for taking appropriate measures to help the flood victims.

In CM Sarbananda Sonowal’s constituency — river island Majuli — over 55,000 people have been affected by the flood.

According to the flood report of the Assam State Disaster Management Authority, 81 villages of Majuli are currently underwater. The floodwaters have damaged around 640 hectares of cropland in the river island district.

A local woman of Majuli said that they are being hit by flood and river erosion every year. The chief minister has assured action but it is yet to be seen on the ground, she said.

“We are facing the problem of flood and erosion. If it continues, we will become landless. We request the Assam CM to take measures to solve the problem and help us live here. Four years of his five-year term have already passed by. We appeal him to do something for us during the remaining term,” the local woman said.

From urban areas to remotest corners of Assam, the floodwaters have inundated a vast area of the state. As per the latest figures issued by the government, at least 66 people have died and nearly 33 lakh people of 28 districts are affected due to the flood.

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