Wednesday 1 February 2023
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PoliticsIndiaAssam: Paramilitary troops withdrawn post-NRC

Assam: Paramilitary troops withdrawn post-NRC

Among the 100 companies of the paramilitary forces which are withdrawn in Assam, 50 belong to the BSF, 10 CRPF, 16 ITBP and 24 SSB

New Delhi: The central government of India has withdrawn 10,000 paramilitary personnel deployed in Assam before the publication of the final National Register of Citizens (NRC), officials said on Saturday. The decision was taken as there has been no violence in Assam ever since the NRC, which validates bona fide Indian citizens of the northeastern state, was published on 31 August they said. The updated final NRC excluded names of 19 lakh applicants.

A Home Ministry official said a decision was taken on 19 August to deploy 218 companies of paramilitary forces in Assam for maintenance of and order situation ahead of the publication of the final NRC in the state. As peace continues to prevail in Assam, a review has been carried out by the Ministry of Home Affairs on Friday on the situation in the state. After the review was carried out, a decision has been taken to withdraw 100 companies of paramilitary forces from the state with immediate effect, the Home Minisrty official said.

Among the 100 companies of the paramilitary forces that are being withdrawn, 50 belong to the BSF, 10 CRPF, 16 and 24 SSB. A company of a paramilitary force comprises around 100 personnel. The troops were directed to return to their respective bases prior to the deployment in Assam, another official said.

According to the final NRC, out of the total 3.3 crore applicants, 3.11 crore figured in the list and names of about 19 lakh residents were excluded from it. Those who failed to make it to the final NRC list have been given 120 days to appeal against their exclusion at the Foreigners Tribunals. If not satisfied with the verdict of the tribunals, they will have the option to move the High Court and the Supreme Court for redress.

The National Register of Citizens (NRC) is a register maintained by the Government of India containing names & certain relevant information for identification of all genuine Indian citizens. The register was first prepared after the 1951 Census of India and since then it has not been updated till recently.

The North-East Indian state of Assam has become the first state in India to update the NRC and include the names of those persons whose names appeared in the NRC, 1951 & still alive and/or of their presently living descendants having permanent residence within the state.

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