Thursday 2 December 2021
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Ashwini Upadhyay Asking For Real Equality Is The ‘Problem’

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The clamour among leftists of the country for a prompt arrest of lawyer and BJP politician Ashwini Upadhyay following an event demanding equal for Hindus for “disturbing peace” through “hate speech” — a charge he categorically denies — owed to his frequent act of moving the Supreme Court with public interest litigations that ask for uniformity not only in the application of laws but also in education, health, tax, labour, police, jurisprudence, citizenship, governance of places of worship, demography, etc. With these aspects of administration turning equal for all, the communist-jihadi cabal faces the threat of a cease in the privilege they have been enjoying in the system where all are purportedly equal but some are more equal than others. The case against him does not have merit legally, of course. If participants at the event raised slogans demanding the chanting of “Jai Sri Ram”, that is by no stretch hating Muslims. But the important question is how many members of the community who have been groomed to look down upon themselves over the centuries, whom he is fighting for as a petitioner, stood by him beyond trending hashtags on Twitter. The opponents of the cause dear to Upadhyay are assured not merely of the chorus that the will invariably plunge into on every such occasion to heckle the innocent. They also know there are lawyers forever ready to do their bidding. But recourses such as demonstrating before police stations are open to all, where the so-called Hindu right has been traditionally found wanting.

Muslims in this case must be asked whether not just being pro-Hindu and pro-nation but also being pro-truth amounts to hating them. If the invocation of Lord Rama has hurt their sentiments, one can imagine bloodbath in the streets if anybody were to raise issues such as paedophilia by Prophet Mohammed, the Islamic to sex slavery by women and bonded labour by children of captured territories and the desert cult’s permission to wife battery. These are aspects of the 7th-century dogma that not even their leading theologians and the most brazen of apologists deny. In the same breath, communists may be asked if talking of Joseph Stalin’s gulags or Mao Zedong’s in the name of the “Great Leap Forward” would be blasphemous in the Marxist religion. The unwritten code of silence that Indians have observed for time immemorial by not speaking of the dark side of the two political ideologies, only one of which admits to being political, now faces a challenge in public discourse, all kinds of censorship in mainstream and social notwithstanding. Upadhyay but acted as a cog in the wheel of change, albeit in so prominent though subtle a manner that the real powers that be — and not peace — got disturbed. Just as yoga propagates Hinduism regardless of any leader or guru’s disclaimer, uniformity of norms in the Indian framework would eventually realise a state nothing short of a Hindu nation, as the rampant muzzling of legitimate voices by the legislature, the executive and the judiciary will no longer be possible. That was the real problem for those who bayed for the blood of the lawyer while never bothering to see MLA Amanatullah Khan behind the bars for practising hatred on a regular basis or honchos of his Aam Aadmi Party jailed for overseeing the ‘suicide’ of a farmer at Jantar Mantar not so long ago.

Both insiders and outsiders otherwise know that it is unthinkable that an officially recognised spokesperson of the RSS or a prominent leader of the BJP will say things that are perceived as attacks on any religion. In fact, a breed of Hindus has been growing over the past few years under the Narendra Modi rule that is getting impatient about the current government’s tendency to shy away from making Hindu assertions (like the prime minister never mentioning Pandits in the context of Kashmir even while bragging about turning defunct). No matter what they believe in as individuals, not looking ‘secular’ is a no-go area for leaders of any eminence in this dispensation, barring a few mavericks like Subramanian Swamy, Sakshi Maharaj, Sangeet Som, Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti, etc. Upadhyay would not enter that league even in his wildest dreams, which his detractors know but feign ignorance about for convenience. But this time, they have made a big mistake. By pressuring the police to arrest him, they have created a face of Delhi BJP that has suffered a void of leadership for a long time. The coverage of this piece of news has catapulted the man, who had revolted against the AAP for their alleged anti-nation conduct years ago, to such prominence that, irrespective of his possible electoral success in the future, his truth will be the greater truth.

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