Monday 1 March 2021
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Ashfaq boasts of ‘jigar’ when brought before Asim

When Ashfaq and Asim were brought together by the police for a joint interrogation, the murderer said what he had reserved for the moment since the day he was told he did not have the nerves to kill Kamlesh Tiwari

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Crime Ashfaq boasts of 'jigar' when brought before Asim

While they were confessing about the murder of Kamlesh Tiwari, as sponsor and fellow-conspirator Syed Asim Ali was brought before Sheikh Ashfaqul Husain, the suspected murderer said, “Dekh liyā na jigar? (look how brave I am!)”. Policemen were shocked when they heard this. Asim and Ashfaq were immediately separated.

Later, it was learnt that Ashfaq had told Asim that a lot of risks were involved in attempting to murder Kamlesh Tiwari a few months before the crime was committed. Ashfaq had told Asim that Tiwari deserved to pay for abusing Prophet Mohammed. Asim had said to that, “Is kām ke liye jigar chāhiye (the work calls for guts). I doubt you will be able to muster so much courage.”

Ashfaq had not replied to Asim then. When he was brought before Asim this Thursday night, he seized the opportunity to remark, “Dekh liyā na jigar? Jo sochā thā āKhir kar diyā (whatever I had thought, I finally did it).”

Ashfaq remanded; teams set out to recover knife

The murder accused Ashfaq and Moinuddin were taken out of jail on a two-day remand on Friday morning. The Lucknow Naka police questioned the duo about the second knife used in the murder. A blood-stained knife was found in the hotel room.

There was a report of the killers having used another pistol, about which the police are now informed. At present, the killers have given information about the place where the knife was thrown away. Late in the night, a police team took both of them to the reported spots. The knife had not been recovered at the time of drafting of this report.

A woman refused to tell Ashfaq, Moin where Kamlesh lived

Ashfaq and Moinuddin told the investigating team that they did not know anything about Tiwari’s home and office. When Ashfaq called Kamlesh, the latter gave them a vague direction and asked them to reach him by asking people on the way for the address. The wannabe killers reached Khurshid Bagh area indeed by asking people on the way. Ashfaq said they found a woman on the way whom they asked about the office of Kamlesh Tiwari and Hindu Samaj Party. The woman denied them the information. In the previous rounds of interrogation, neither Ashfaq nor Moin had said anything about this woman.

Identification parade to begin now

Killers Ashfaq and Moin are now supposed to identify Kamlesh Tiwari’s employee Saurashtrajit Singh, the receptionist and other employees of Hotel Khalsa Inn, along with the drug dealer of Ganeshganj. Police sources said that the killers can be taken also to the Khurshid Bagh residence of Tiwari to reconstruct their act of crime.

Meanwhile, police interrogated Rashid Ahmad Pathan alias Rashid, Maulana Mohsin Sheikh and Faizan Younis, the residents of Surat who all planned to eliminate Kamlesh, throughout Friday. Ashfaq, Moin, Kaifi Ali and lawyer Naved of Bareilly and Rais, a resident of Palia of Lakhimpur, were interrogated separately as well as jointly on different occasions. All the nine accused were brought to the Naka police station for the purpose.

In the afternoon, SIT in-charge IG Range SK Bhagat reached the Naka police station and inquired about the progress of investigation and action.

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