Wednesday 27 October 2021
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Aryan Khan confesses to drug consumption

Shah Rukh Khan's son Aryan and his accomplice Arbaaz Merchant both confessed to drug consumption while the latter even furnished some evidence


Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan has been sent to jail for his alleged drug consumption inside a cruise ship last week. The NCB has summoned the driver of Shah Rukh Khan to build a stronger case against the star kid.

The driver, Rajesh Mishra, had taken Aryan to the cruise. The investigating agency suspects that Aryan had consumed drugs in the car while on his way to attend the party on the cruise.

Taking major action this evening, the NCB arrested a drug peddler from Khar West of ​​Mumbai. This is NCB’s 19th arrest in the drugs-on-cruise case. The man arrested today is accused of supplying drugs to Arbaaz Merchant.

Aryan Khan’s Satish Maneshinde has said he would appeal for bail in the sessions court after the Fort court rejected the bail application on Friday.

Meanwhile, Aryan Khan and Arbaaz Merchant have confessed to consuming drugs during NCB’s interrogation. Aryan said that he consumes charas and was about to take it even during the cruise party.

The NCB said in its affidavit to the court that during the search, Arbaaz had removed the pouch of drugs from one of his shoes. The agency recovered 6 g of charas from Arbaaz.

The affidavit says that NCB officer Ashish Ranjan Prasad had first explained to Aryan and Arbaaz the reason for questioning them. The officer told them what charging them under Section 50 of the NDPS Act implied.

The NCB gave an option to Aryan and Arbaaz that they could be questioned in the presence of a gazetted officer or a magistrate if they so desired, but both of them refused.

The investigating officer then asked Aryan and Arbaaz whether they had consumed any contraband. Both confessed to having consumed banned drugs.

Arbaaz told the NCB officials that he had charas in his shoes. Arbaaz took out a zip lock pouch hidden in his shoes and submitted it.

Inside the pouch, the affidavit says, was a sticky black substance. Testing the substance with a DD kit, the agency found it was charas indeed.

Arbaaz admitted that he would often consume charas with Aryan and that they were taking him on this cruise trip to “have a blast”. When Aryan Khan was questioned thereafter, he admitted that he took charas too — for smoking during the journey on the cruise.

Aryan’s Maneshinde says that the defence is studying a copy of the order of the Fort court and then decide on Monday its course of action. The advocate had argued in the court yesterday that Aryan had no background, that Shah Rukh Khan’s son went for the cruise travel on invitation from the Bollywood fraternity.

The NCB has sent Aryan Khan’s mobile data for forensic examination but, sources said, no incriminating data was found in the device.

Maneshinde had argued further that Aryan Khan’s family lived in Mumbai, had Indian passports and it was not like they would abscond. He said that the question of tampering with the evidence did not arise, which was why Aryan should be given bail.

The NCB demanded the hearing on the bail plea to be held in the sessions court.

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