Sunday 23 January 2022
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Arvind Kejriwal tries to grab news headlines again

The Delhi chief minister said, since all cops report to the BJP government, the party ruling at the Centre may get him killed using the services of his security officer

New Delhi: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has made yet another sensational claim, saying his PSO poses a threat to his life. Kejriwal said that all policemen engaged in the security of VIPs report to the BJP and therefore none can be trusted.

The AAP convener said in an to Hindi daily Punjab Kesri, “My PSO reports to the BJP. Tomorrow, the BJP may make him kill me like Indira Gandhi who was killed by her security guards. My life can end in 2 min.”

This is not the first time Kejriwal has feared for his life. Earlier in 2016, he had said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi could kill him!

Aam Aadmi Party spokesman Saurabh Bharadwaj has supported Kejriwal’s claim. Bharadwaj said, since Kejriwal became the chief minister of Delhi, there have been six attacks on him in the presence of the police. No action, he said, has been taken after such incidents. “We do not believe in Police,” Bharadwaj said.

Earlier, the chief minister had said about the general elections that his party was in a position to win all the seven seats in the capital, but in the last minute, the vote of Muslims had gone to the Congress.

Kejriwal said to The Indian Express, “Let us see what happens. Actually, chunaav ke 48 ghante pehle tak saaton seat lag raha tha Aam Aadmi Party ko aayengi. Last moment pe complete vote got shifted to Congress. Last night, the night before election. We are trying to figure out ki hua kya hai. Poora ka poora vote jo hai woh Congress ko shift ho . They are 12-13 per cent. (Until 48 hours before polling, it seemed like all seven seats will come to AAP. But at the last moment, the complete vote got shifted to Congress. We are trying to figure out what happened).”

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