Monday 24 January 2022
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Terrorists facing shortage of arms, Pakistan in crisis: Army

Pakistan-based terrorists can try new manoeuvres according to Lt General Ranbir Singh, Commander of the Indian Army Northern Command

With the scrapping of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, terrorists in the Valley are on the backfoot. With promptness, the security forces have plugged all the routes Pakistan-based terrorists had until recently used to despatch weapons to the Valley. In such a situation, Pakistan-based terrorists can try new manoeuvres according to Lt General Ranbir Singh, Commander of the Indian Northern Command. He said on Friday that militants in Kashmir are facing a shortage of weapons and that is why they are trying to snatch or loot weapons from Special Police Officers (SPOs) and police stations.

Lt Gen Singh said that Pakistan was in a state of panic at the moment and was looking for different ways to send weapons. Talking to reporters, Singh dismissed the news of infiltration of Afghan militants in the Valley.

When asked about the terrorist training and pad along the Line of Control (LoC), the Northern Command General Officer Commanding in Chief (GOC) said, “We are capable of thwarting self-infiltration operations on the LoC. It is a multi-level campaign. If they (terrorists) cross the first circle, they will be caught in the second or the subsequent circle.”

Singh said that since the LoC has a very strong anti-terror cordon in Jammu and Kashmir, infiltrations have been taking place from other parts of the borders. He later said that the terrorists tried to sneak into Jammu and Kashmir from Lakhanpur.

Regarding the surgical strike, the commander said, “This (surgical strike) option has always been available with the Indian Army.” He said which option would be used when and how the Army would use it would depend on the situation. The Army is fully prepared to deal with any kind of challenge, which depends on the situation and the occasion, he said.

These remarks came after the drone sightings in the border areas adjoining Punjab. According to intelligence sources, about 10 kg of explosives, ammunition and communication equipment have been smuggled into Punjab with the help of Pakistani drones.

According to top military officials, since Article 370 turned defunct, Pakistan has been continuously engaged in terrorist attacks in Jammu and Kashmir, trying to disturb the region. Pakistan has activated 20 terrorist camps and launchpads along the LoC. Their effort is to make the terrorists infiltrate into India before the onset of winter.

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