Sunday 23 January 2022
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Army hoists tricolour in Galwan, says Chinese flag wasn’t on Indian side

Indian Army officers had already debunked the Chinese claim, saying the spot in Galwan Valley where the Chinese flag was unfurled was not in the disputed area

The Indian Army has busted the propaganda of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China that had shown videos of the Chinese flag in the Galwan Valley in on New Year Day as though to tease India.

Chinese state had previously posted a video that had gone viral. It showed PLA soldiers unfurling their national flag allegedly in Ladakh’s Galwan Valley to celebrate the ushering in of the New Year 2022.

Sources in the Indian Army had earlier debunked the claim and had stated that the spot where the Chinese flag was unfurled was not in the disputed area between the two countries. The spot was in fact in a zone that had been demilitarised as a part of the series of disengagement talks held by the two sides since the Galwan Valley clash of June 2020.

Today, the Indian Army came out with proof of India’s presence in Galwan Valley.

While the Indian Army soldiers can be seen holding the national flag in snow-capped Galwan Valley, the Chinese soldiers were not in an area that had snow on the ground or peaks when they unfurled their flag.

The Chinese propaganda video had however claimed that PLA troops had unfurled the Chinese flag in Galwan Valley on New Year.

The video had the following caption: “China’s national flag rises over Galwan Valley on the New Year Day of 2022.”

The video further stated that the flag was “special since it once flew over Tiananmen Square in Beijing”.

Army sources had stated earlier that the PLA troops had celebrated the New Year at Galwan Valley and unfurled their national flag, but this was done well away from the demilitarised zone. The spot was no way near the bend of the river, where the Indian Army and PLA soldiers had clashed in June 2020, leading to the death of 20 Indian soldiers and several Chinese troops.

Sources added that the Chinese were well within Chinese territory when they unfurled the flag.

But their flag was not the only propaganda tool the Chinese used in the new year. Mouthpieces and trolls of the Communist Party of China also posted fake images and videos such as a group of soldiers holding their ears, as though surrendering before the PLA and an old video of IAF Abhinandan Varthaman captured in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. Indian users of Twitter trolled the Chinese back on seeing the fake pictures.

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