Wednesday 29 June 2022
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Army hits terror launch pads, ammunition dumps in PoK with artillery guns

After Pakistan air-dropped terrorists on the Indian side of the LoC who killed five soldiers, India decimated the terrorist camps in PoK

The Indian Army on 10 April avenged the killing of its soldiers by ruining the hideouts of terrorists in PoK. The army’s 155 mm Bofors guns gave a warning to Pakistan that was plotting the nefarious conspiracy to send terrorists across the Indian border. “There are reports of heavy damage on the enemy side,” said a government spokesperson in Srinagar.

Indian Army hits terrorist base in PoK_drone footage
Drone footage

India has issued a clear message to Pakistan’s ruling class and its army by releasing a video of the attack on a terrorist hideout from a drone as if to say India will not only kill but also demonstrate it to the world.

Recently, a fierce encounter had taken place between a terrorist group — air-dropped on the Indian side — and Indian security forces when the former tried to infiltrate from across the LoC in the Keran sector of northern Kashmir.

Five soldiers of the 4 Para-Special Forces battalion of the army were killed. Five terrorists were killed in the encounter too. The encounter involved one-on-one combat between the army personnel and the terrorists.

After the Indian Army bombed the terrorist hideout in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK), the Pakistan Army has issued a statement alleging that the Indian Army shelled civilian targets with heavy artillery. The Pakistanis said that four civilians were injured in the Indian attack.

The Pakistan Army alleged that the Indian Army had violated 708 times so far this year. Pakistan said that India carried out these attacks in the Shahkot sector along the Line of Control (LoC) with the help of heavy artillery and mortar. The fact is that Pakistan had violated the ceasefire in Uri area of Baramulla district too. Six Indian security personnel were injured in the Sunderbani-Nowshera sector of Rajouri district last week when Pakistan fired at them.

The Pakistani assertion flies in the face of the fact that India had recorded as many as 3,479 violations and firings across the LoC and the 198-km international border in Jammu and Kashmir in 2019 by the western neighbour, breaking all annual records since 2003. Pakistanis did not relent this year, with 367 ceasefire violations in January, 382 in February and 411 in March.

Since India’s Balakot airstrike and Pakistan’s inability to retaliate, the Islamic has relied more and more on terrorists to further its agenda of disturbing the peace in India.

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