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Arbaaz of Bareilly after Zahid of Aligarh, Salim of Barabanki

Incidents assault on children are following a pattern in Uttar Pradesh. The report on the crime of Arbaaz follows those on rape by Salim and murder by Zahid and Aslam


Bareilly: An eight-year-old girl was raped inside a cemetery in the Chathia Jagannathpur village of Bhojipura district near Bareilly. The baby girl was admitted to the district hospital. Based on the statement of the girl, a case has been filed against suspect Arbaaz at the Bhojipura police station.

The police are on a lookout for Arbaaz who is absconding.

At about 3 PM on 7 June in the village of Chathia Jagannathpur, the girl was playing at a park nearby when the suspect waylaid her to the graveyard. At a deserted place there, Arbaaz threatened to kill the girl if she raised her voice. Then he raped the child.

A man from the village, passing through the area, heard the child scream. He rushed to the village to complain, where the victim’s came to know of the incident. When the father, accompanied by a group of villagers, reached the spot, the suspect had fled. The child was found in a pool of blood, crying of pain.

On the complaint of the girl’s father, the police filed a case against Arbaaz and admitted the victim to the district hospital for treatment.

Subsequently, the Nawabganj circle registered the girl’s statement at the district hospital.

Following this, the inspector in the Bhojipura area was instructed to Arbaaz immediately.

Police have detained the brother and brother-in-law of the suspect. They are on a lookout for Arbaaz.

Incidents of rape and other forms of assault on are following a pattern in Uttar Pradesh. The nation is still outraged over the incident in the Tappal town of Aligarh district where Zahid and Aslam killed a two-year-old girl, to whose grandfather Zahid owed Rs 10,000. Shortly after that came the news from Barabanki where a certain had raped an eight-year-old girl under the pretext of offering her a joyride in his cab.

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