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Aquila restaurant denies entry to woman customer in sari, calling dress ‘not smart’

Rudely explaining the action, an Aquila worker, who is ironically a woman too, said the sari was not on the eatery's list of permissible 'smart casuals'

Aquila restaurant denies entry to woman customer in sari, calling dress 'not smart'

A restaurant in Delhi that goes by the name “Aquila” allegedly denied entry to a woman who was wearing a sari. A video of a woman asking the staff at a hotel why she was being banned from the eatery and a young woman rudely saying sari was not permitted at the joint has gone viral on Twitter.

“Show me that sari is not allowed,” the woman is heard asking the staff. When she repeats it, a woman staff member responds, “Ma’am, we allow only smart casuals and sari does not come under smart casuals. That’s it!”

This Aquila restaurant is reportedly situated in Delhi.

Hear out the victim of the anachronistic dress code:

“Sari is not allowed in Aquila restaurant as Indian sari is now not a smart outfit. What is the concrete definition of ‘smart outfit’, please tell me. Please define smart outfit so I stop wearing the sari,” the video is captioned.

Social media users are widely sharing the 16-second video across platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The clip has garnered more than 2.25 lakh views. Netizens were outraged after watching the video.

A user said, “This is insane.” Another wrote, “An attempt to DESTROY INDIAN CULTURE….”

A third user posted, “Sari is, was and always will be most elegant wear always.”

Yet another asked, “Waise what are smart casuals? Are there stupid casuals too? I’ve seen people wearing torn pants. Smart casuals?”

Actor Richa Chadha tweeted to vent her anger at the restaurant and the video. “This snobbery — denouncing our traditional clothes, looking down upon our own languages is the residue of post-colonisation trauma. It also creates a fertile breeding ground for fascism that exploits this very trauma. The sari is smart, your policy isn’t! #SariNotSorry #Aquila,” she wrote in her tweet.

The restaurant has been ‘review-bombed’ on Zomato — itself another controversial brand, thanks to a video going viral some years ago showing a delivery boy stealing from ordered food. The aggregated rating of Aquila currently stands at 2 stars.

Zomato has put up a message for patrons on the restaurant’s page that reads: “This restaurant is receiving a lot of media attention due to recent events. We are monitoring all reviews closely to ensure that they comply with our content guidelines.”

Disclaimer: Sirf News cannot vouch for the authenticity of the video


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