Thursday 30 June 2022
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Apsalar introduces uninstall attribution

San Francisco:  Apsalar, the ROI platform that helps mobile-first marketers drive extraordinary growth, today announced that the company has incorporated uninstall attribution measurement into its popular Apsalar Attribution analytics offering. The new marketing measure reveals the uninstall rate for app downloads driven by different channels, vendors, campaigns, creative executions, geographies and user cohorts during any period the marketer chooses.

Apsalar has added uninstall attribution to the measures in its platform in order to help mobile marketers understand the relative quality of users driven by different marketing programs and partners. Using uninstall attribution analytics, marketers can make smarter decisions in a variety of use cases, including:

  1. Vendor Allocations: By comparing uninstall rates of different vendors, they can collaborate with these partners to drive install quality improvements and focus marketing investments on best performing programs.
  2. Campaign Testing and Decisions: By measuring the uninstall rates driven by different campaigns, they can determine the best advertising approaches for driving long-term users.
  3. Regional Allocations: By understanding the user retention rates in different markets, brands can make wiser decisions on where to spend expansion dollars.
  4. Cohort Comparisons: By comparing the relative uninstall rates of different user segments, they can make smarter decisions about future acquisition and re-marketing campaigns.

Uninstalls are a topic of increasing concern among leading marketers worldwide. Said Sudarshan Gangrade, VP of Marketing, Analytics and Partnerships at Ola Cabs, the leading on-demand ride booking service in India, “Monitoring and reducing uninstall rates is an increasingly important goal for marketers. Uninstall rate metrics like those being launched by Apsalar should provide a richer sense of install and user quality along with insights to proactively address the issue.”

install quality and user longevity can vary greatly based on the programs and tactics that marketers use to attract new users. In the early days of app marketing, many brand leaders focused solely on install counts as a measure of the effectiveness of their marketing programs. But they soon learned that many of the low-cost install acquisition methods drove low commitment users, many of whom uninstalled the apps in the first hours or days of their brand relationship.

“Uninstall attribution is one of the missing link metrics for today’s marketers,” said Michael Oiknine, cofounder and CEO of Apsalar. “Marketers want real insight into the quality of users they are attracting, and our mission is to enable marketers to leverage their 1st party data to deliver more effective marketing initiatives that drive stronger RoI. This initiative makes a whole new set of critical information available to mobile business leaders.”

Apsalar uninstall attribution is available at no additional cost to existing Apsalar Attribution clients.

Apsalar is the leading mobile marketing measurement and optimisation company that helps app marketers drive maximum return from all their marketing investments. With Apsalar attribution and audiences, app marketers can optimise their media allocation and empower their partners and platforms to deliver customised communication, for better results at every step in the customer journey.

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