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Apple supports 1 million jobs in India, looks to expand footprint

Apple first set shop in the country two decades ago and has been engaged in the manufacturing of iPhone at its Bengaluru factory in 2017

Mobile device tech giant Apple Inc has said it is investing significantly in the Indian market to expand its reach and engage with more local suppliers in the country and engage with more suppliers. The iPhone manufacturer said it already supports over 1 million jobs in the country directly and indirectly.

These employment estimates include Apple’s own staff, developers for its iOS ecosystem and workers and suppliers who support its manufacturing operations of several models of iPhone in the country.

Apple first set shop in the country two decades ago and has been engaged in the manufacturing of iPhone at its Bengaluru factory in 2017. Apple’s manufacturing partners like Wistron Corp, Foxconn and others have since expanded operations to Chennai where they produces more iPhone models for domestic and international customers, said Priya Balasubramaniam, vice-president of operations at Apple.

“Today, Apple supports around 1 million jobs in India from our own employees to the fast-growing iOS economy to our work with supplier partners,” said Balasubramaniam. Apart from corporate offices in major cities, Apple set up Map development centre in Hyderabad and App accelerator in Bengaluru which is helping thousands of budding app creators with tools to refine their products and increase customer experience. 

Apple is looking forward to expanding further in the country with physical retail stores directly from Apple. Apple India store was started in September 2020.

Apple thinks India can play an important role in the transformation of the manufacturing sector that is happening across the globe, Balasubramaniam said while speaking at the Bengaluru Tech Summit on 18 November. Manufacturing is not a career of the past, as people think, but it is rapidly evolving with the introduction of artificial intelligence, machine learnings, augmented and virtual reality, advanced robotics and 3D printing, among others, she said. Apple calls this Smart Manufacturing.

As part of its smart manufacturing, the US tech major is piloting a new project in India which is called station monitoring with machine learning. This will allow remote monitoring and control of production, increasing productivity, she further said.


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