Thursday 9 December 2021
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Another EVM-related objection by opposition found bogus

The make of the EVM units that are being used in this Lok Sabha election have been in use since 2013 when Congress-led UPA ruled the country

New Delhi: Some opposition parties had recently objected to “BJP” written under the symbol of the party, lotus, on the EVM. On Saturday, the Congress, Trinamool and other parties had with the Chief Commissioner Sunil Arora to raise the issue.

What is wrong in EVM according to opposition

The opposition alleged that during the mock drill in the Barrackpore parliamentary area of ​​Bengal, the name of only one party was seen written under its symbol on the EVM: BJP. The name of no other party was present with its election symbol.

The opposition leaders who with the were Congress’s Abhishek Manu Singhvi and Ahmed Patel, and Trinamool’s Dinesh Trivedi and Derek O’Brien. After meeting the CEC, Singhvi said that the BJP was seen to be the only name of a party below its symbol on the EVM. There was no other party’s name. All such EVMs should be removed from use in the rest of the Lok Sabha elections or other parties be named below their respective election symbols too. Until this change is made, the opposition leaders demanded, the use of these machines be stopped.

Cheating the people: Trivedi

Trinamool candidate from Barrackpore and former Union minister Dinesh Trivedi said that this was clearly an attempt to deceive people, amounting to a hacking of the EVMs. On Friday, officers went to his constituency to check the EVMs, he said. “We saw that BJP’s name was written under the lotus mark. Our workers objected before the officials of the State, but they did not take any action,” Trivedi said.

Commission says there is no change

The commission has clarified that the make of the EVMs currently in use was last updated in 2013. No changes have been made since then, the EC said.

The year 2013 happened to fall in the era of Congress-led UPA rule in India.

This make of EVM is exactly what has been in use in the elections since then, the EC said.

As of now, EVMs include candidates’ names and photographs with the symbol of the parties.

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