Friday 2 December 2022
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CrimeAnkita Bhandari killed for refusing to have sex with guests: Police

Ankita Bhandari killed for refusing to have sex with guests: Police

Public outrage over the killing of 19-year-old Ankita Bhandari, who worked as a receptionist in the Vanantara resort in Pauri district, owned by Haridwar leader Vinod Arya’s son Pulkit Arya, escalated as details emerged of her trauma in the days preceding her death. Her body had earlier been recovered from a canal on Saturday, said. 

The ruling swung into action to expel its leader whose son, the main accused, owned the property. But that was too little, too late. protests erupted in areas surrounding the resort with locals breaking glass panes and some trying to torch a pickle factory in its premises. However, the fire did not spread much as the weather was cloudy.

The car of MLA from Yamkeshwar Renu Bisht was attacked near the Cheela canal close to Rishikesh. It was the same area from where the Ankita Bhandari’s body was recovered, six days after her parents found her missing from her room.

The mob broke the rear windscreen of Bisht’s car even as the escorted her to safety. Later, she the city.

Outrage in Rishikesh grew over the alleged killing of Ankita Bhandari, with people setting a factory of the prime accused on fire on Saturday. Since the recovery of Ankita Bhandari’s body on Saturday morning, people are demanding the death sentence for the accused.

Pulkit Arya, his resort manager Saurabh Bhaskar and assistant manager Ankit Gupta pressured Ankita Bhandari to provide “special services” to guests, Director General of Ashok Kumar said. Police arrested the trio on Friday and the court ordered 14 days of judicial custody for them.

Ankita Bhandari's chat with a friend revealed what was happening at the resort, hlthe officer said. Earlier in the day, Bhandari’s Facebook friend jad reportedly alleged that she was killed because she had refused to have sex with guests as demanded by the owner of the resort.

As public ire spread, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami promised that no one would be spared and that a special investigation team headed by Deputy Inspector General P Renuka Devi had been formed to probe all aspects. “Demolition of the resort owned by the main accused is underway. Some of its rooms have also been sealed so that evidence is not destroyed,” the DGP said.

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Rishikesh, is conducting the autopsy, said. 

According to Pauri Additional SP Shekhar Chandra Suyal, the victim's parents found their daughter missing on 19 September but they reported it day later. Suspect Pulkit Arya initially tried to mislead the but confessed later.

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