Wednesday 7 December 2022
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CrimeAnil Chauhan: 'India’s biggest car thief' stole 5K vehicles, had 3 wives,...

Anil Chauhan: ‘India’s biggest car thief’ stole 5K vehicles, had 3 wives, killed taxi drivers

Delhi Police has arrested "India's biggest car thief" Anil Chauhan, accused of stealing more than 5,000 cars from across the country. The 52-year-old, who was once an autorickshaw driver, is the kingpin of a car thief gang. As many as 180 cases are registered against him. He has properties in Delhi, Mumbai and the Northeast.

During the arrest, the police recovered six country-made pistols, along with seven live cartridges, one stolen motorcycle and one stolen car from the accused.

Anil Chauhan, a resident of Khanpur Extention in Delhi who hails from Tejpur, Assam, went to school up to Class 12. He started stealing in 1998 and has stolen over 5,000 vehicles from across the country.

Police arrested Anil Chauhan several times in the past and got him convicted and jailed too. He was convicted for five years in a criminal case of Nizamuddin police station. He has been previously involved in 180 criminal cases.

Anil Chauhan was a Class-I contractor in Assam government. Later, the Enforcement Directorate raided his place and all his was seized. Thereafter, the bank auctioned all his property and he again started committing thefts.

The accused was also notorious for of rhinoceros horn in the northeastern state.

Assam Police arrested Anil Chauhan again in 2015, with a sitting MLA, Delhi Police said. The suspect, who is perhaps “India’s biggest car thief”, had three wives and seven children.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Central Delhi) Shweta Chauhan said that the special staff of central district had been tasked to check arms dealers due to a recent spurt in the activities of weapon smugglers in the central district of Delhi.

Information about the arrival of the most wanted car thief and supplier of illegal arms in the country, Anil Chauhan, was in the jurisdiction of DBG Road police station in central Delhi. The special staff was tipped off, and the suspect was arrested on 23 August, she said.

Anil Chauhan was allegedly carrying arms from Uttar Pradesh and supplying them to banned organisations in the north-eastern states. Police have recovered six pistols and seven cartridges from him.

Past of Anil Chauhan, India's biggest car thief

Anil Chauhan used to drive autorickshaws when he lived in Khanpur, Delhi. He started stealing cars after 1995.

Anil Chauhan is notorious for stealing the maximum number of Maruti 800 cars during that period. Anil Chauhan used to steal cars in different parts of the country and sent them to Nepal, and Kashmir and north-eastern states.

Anil Chauhan also murdered some taxi drivers during theft, police said. He eventually moved to Assam and started living there, enjoying the ill-gotten wealth he had amassed in over 27 years. He had become a government contractor in Assam and was in touch with local leaders there. He had become a government contractor in Assam and was in the state.

Police have recovered six pistols and seven cartridges from him.

The Enforcement Directorate had registered a money laundering case against him. He was arrested several times — once with an INC in 2015, after which he remained in for five years and was released in 2020.

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