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HomePoliticsIndiaAmravati, Maharashtra: Section 144 imposed after violent protest against Tripura incident

Amravati, Maharashtra: Section 144 imposed after violent protest against Tripura incident

A part of the Muslim mob in Amravati hurled stones at shops, prompting the police to lathi-charge the protesters, an Amravati policeman said

The authority has imposed Section 144 in Amravati to contain protests against Tripura violence, Amravati’s guardian minister Yashomati Thakur said. As per the order issued today by the Amravati police commissionerate, the curfew has come into effect within the limits of the city. The restrictions will apply until further order.

Officiating Police Commissioner Sandip Patil issued the order under Sections 144(1), (2), (3) of the CrPc to avoid any untoward incidents. Except for medical emergencies, people are not allowed to come out of their houses. Similarly, an assembly of more than five people is not allowed, it said.

The broke out today during the bandh (shutdown) against yesterday’s stone-pelting incidents during rallies held by organisations in various districts in protest against the Tripura communal violence. Hundreds of people, many of them holding saffron flags in their hands and raising slogans, came out on streets in the Rajkamal Chowk area of Amravati.

Some members of the Muslim mob in Amravati hurled stones at the shops and damaged them, prompting the police to lathi-charge the protesters, an Amravati police official had said earlier in the day.

Rajkamal Chowk of Amravati, the spot of today’s incidents of violence, is situated about 670 km from Maharashtra capital Mumbai.

A police official said that cops had to resort to lathi-charge to disperse the protesters. Additional police have been deployed at various places in Amravati, he said.

Yesterday, over 8,000 Muslims had gathered outside the Amravati collector’s office to submit a memorandum demanding that atrocities against the minority community be stopped, officials said. When people were leaving after submitting the memorandum, stones were thrown at three places between Chitra Chowk and Cotton Market under the limits of the Kotwali police station.

Kotwali Police has so far registered 11 FIRs under various charges including rioting. The cops arrested 10 people, an official said.


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