Thursday 4 March 2021
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Amethi attains, maintains zero-COVID status

How MP Smriti Irani, CMO Rajesh Mohan Srivastava and SP Khyati Garg led their teams to make Amethi recover from the coronavirus contagion

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Politics India Amethi attains, maintains zero-COVID status

The parliamentary constituency of Smriti Irani, Amethi has not only attained the tag of ‘Zero Coronavirus District’ but is also sustaining that status. Keeping Amethi, with a population of about 22 lakh, COVID-free is no mean task, but the efforts of the district magistrate, the superintendent of police, the chief medical officer and very significantly its MP are persistently working on it.

Smriti Irani is monitoring the situation on a daily basis, locals say.

Amethi district administration

DM Arun Kumar is making sure people visiting Amethi from other districts, states or foreign countries are quarantined. As many as 294 quarantine centres have been built in Amethi so far, sheltering about 7,000 people.

The office of the collectorate suffices as the command and control centre in the district.

The record of every village of Amethi is available online. The monitoring website contains a log of people entering and exiting the villages of the district, with every village head connected to the control room.

The Amethi administration is urging people of all religions in general and Muslims in particular — given their proclivity to violate the lockdown — to fulfil their religious obligation at home.

The district administration is also ensuring essential food supply to the people. The borders of the district are under strict vigil. Nobody gets through without a thorough inquiry about the purpose of his or her visit and a health check-up.

UP health department in the district

Amethi CMO Rajesh Mohan Srivastava said about the preparedness of the Uttar Pradesh health department in the district that sufficient number of medical and paramedical teams are available in the district, equipped with masks, sanitisers, thermometers, thermal scanners, gloves, etc.

Health workers equipped with state-of-the-art suits are reaching out to patients with a team of doctors as soon as the information of new cases arrives.

Srivastava said that 30 isolation beds and 100 other beds had been kept ready in Amethi’s government and private hospitals. Another 114 beds for isolation and 380 other beds have been set aside to deal with the emergency.

The Amethi health administration has sent 82 samples for COVID tests; 79 of them have tested negative.

Preparations for the health department are complete. “We never depended on luck. The duties of our doctors, nurses and paramedical staff are all fixed. All 11 suspects have been quarantined,” Srivastava said.

Police in Amethi

SP Khyati Garg has divided Amethi into 15 sectors and four zones to deal with COVID-19. She supervises the special 24×7 COVID monitoring cell in her office where cops work on shifts.

A special team for COVID-monitoring has been set up in the district.

The police administration of Amethi is on an alert mode. Section 144 has been enforced to strictly follow the lockdown in entire Amethi. The district has been divided into 14 sectors and four zones to maintain peace.

Police constantly monitor all these sectors while the DM and SP, along with other officers, check every area and seal hotspots as and when detected.

Police personnel are on the streets to make people abide by social distancing, making a protective circle in front of every shop that sells essential items.

The law-and-order apparatus is keeping an eye on those who tend to violate the lockdown. Meetings are held one after another with religious heads in Amethi to constantly make them desist from giving any call for mass prayers. This is a remarkable improvement since the day when hundreds of Muslims had gathered at a mosque even as all other religions had begun refraining from assemblies.

Amethi has come a long way since 25 March

When the few patients detected recovered, Amethi achieved the feat of being a coronavirus-free district.

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