Wednesday 21 October 2020

American media turns partisan: Los Angeles Times endorses Biden

Trashing President Donald Trump, The Lost Angeles Times showered encomia on Biden, saying, the Democrat 'has a record of seeking expert advice and listening to it'

Shunning all pretensions of duplicity, The Los Angeles Times, a leading American news medium today wrote in its editorial it has decided to back Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate, for the US presidential election. Damning President Donald Trump, the editorial read: “This year’s presidential election confronts voters with the most consequential choice they have faced in decades, and for many, their lifetimes: between a divisive, authoritarian-leaning incumbent and a seasoned patriot who brings not only five decades of experience, ability and commitment to American values, but also bold ideas at a time of national crisis. Nothing less than the health of our constitutional democracy is at stake.”

“So stark is the contrast between Donald Trump and Joe Biden,” the newspaper wrote, “that we feel compelled to announce our endorsement of the Democratic nominee and his running mate, Sen Kamala Harris of California, now, at what is traditionally the beginning of the fall campaign and before the candidates take part in televised debates,” extending its support to the vice-presidential candidate of the Democrats as well.

Calling Trump a “calamity”, the LAT showered encomia on Biden, saying, “Biden has a record of seeking expert advice and listening to it. Progressives may take issue with his choice of advisers, many of whom are establishment figures he’s known for years. But he clearly has a level of respect for data, science and research that the incumbent does not.”

The American media house went on to cite examples of a few Nobel laureates in different disciplines of science who have endorsed the candidature of Biden.

The eulogical editorial went on and on: “Biden seems like an ideal fit for our polarized time… Biden would make climate change and clean energy central features of his approach to improving the economy, acknowledging the existential threat posed by the fossil-fuel industry… Biden also has promised to provide leadership in combating the COVID-19 pandemic, a crisis Trump has badly mismanaged, costing hundreds of thousands of American lives… Biden promises to put science first.”

The American media house further tried to take the winds off Trump’s sail by stealing the president’s economic agenda. Its editorial read: “Biden has pledged to continue sending federal dollars to small businesses, idled workers and others hit by the downturn.”

Projecting the Democrat presidential candidate as a personification of plurality, the LAT said, “Biden, despite his record as a centrist, seems to realize that we must embrace bold initiatives to narrow racial and economic disparities that have long stood unaddressed.”

The American news website claimed Biden had an answer to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) as well. It wrote, “Biden offers a path forward on health policy that is a sharp break from the past four years, while still permitting continuity for the more than 150 million Americans who have employer-sponsored health insurance. Biden’s plan would extend affordable and comprehensive coverage to millions more people by making a public insurance plan like Medicare available to the uninsured, with subsidies for those with low and moderate incomes.”

Then, the American media outlet agrees the Democrat mission is socialistic, with an aversion to wealth generators. “Biden has promised to seek the repeal of most tax cuts enacted during the Trump administration and to pursue an increase in the corporate tax rate to 28%,” the editorial said.

The newspaper concedes Biden’s age shows and yet defends him by saying, “Biden’s problem is what he says when he flubs a line; Trump’s problem is what he says when he speaks his mind.” It concludes by nearly declaring the ouotcome of the election where it says, “Biden, a 77-year-old centrist, first elected to federal office 48 years ago, has mounted a disciplined campaign.”

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