Saturday 26 November 2022
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America Crumbling Down

The madness of demanding freedom for all has come home to roost, with the evolution of a US where the Chinese are free-er than Americans

The news of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US General Mark Milley, calling General Li Zuocheng of the People’s Liberation Army on 30 October 2020, four days before the American presidential election, and again on 8 January two days after the riot at the US Capitol, as reported by , is a serious development indicating America is no longer the United States of America envisaged by its founding fathers. As though moles in institutions of the country were not grave enough, now the occupant of the highest office of US is found to have been treasonous. It does not matter whether Donald Trump indeed was about to order a war against China, which he categorically says is a lie. The behaviour of Gen Milley calls for immediate court-martial proceedings against him under the Uniform Code of Military Justice that applies in such cases in the US. Whereas the current US administration led by President Joe Biden appears hopelessly averse to this idea, it is worth investigating whether the Democrat ‘takeover’ of the country was planned meticulously through unconstitutional ways involving the deep state, as Trump has accused Gen Milley and other US military heads of “undermining” his ability to function properly as the then-president. The ex-head of state of the US surely finds the story “fabricated”, but WaPo is not known to be a sympathiser of Republicans that it would put the Biden dispensation in an awkward position, alleging that an officer still occupying one of its highest offices is sold out.

While there is consensus among experts that China will overtake the US as the largest economy by 2050, if America continues to be managed in this manner, it is happening sooner in the foreseeable future. Even with Trump at the helm, not much harm was sent Beijing’s way beyond the trade war (that made the world suffer too). The inquiry into Chinese moles in Harvard University and other institutions of the US went nowhere. Some Americans got together to accuse the Xi Jinping government of the Communist Party of China of wantonly spreading coronavirus across the world in general and in America in particular whereas litigation by ordinary citizens of a country against another was bound to be a futile exercise. “Sanctions”, a term the US is famous or infamous for, were never proposed against China by the American state. With none lesser than a general compromised, it is not difficult to guess Trump would have failed if he had tried it.

But this is about not just the US government but also American society that cannot see the abyss their nation is hurtling down to, what with a social malaise of being ‘woke’ getting the better of people. It’s a society where a large section of men and women feel awkward identifying with their respective sexes, lest they should be branded as “cisgenders”. Pressure groups of America, just as activists in the UK, are asking lexicographers to expunge “man” and “woman” from dictionaries. This is about a people, including the self-confessed perpetrators of atrocities, the Whites, who went out of their way to demonstrate how non-racist they were by holding many cities of their country to ransom in a show of solidarity with the Blacks, the community, a dubious member of which had got killed by a White policeman. Note that the Democrats’ then-vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris had thrown her weight behind the rioters. She did it, for the overall atmospherics in the American society was building a room for the challenger for power, making Trump increasingly come across as intolerant. Portents of such a future were visible way back during the 30 years of the Vietnam War, where the youth of America, with their constant picketing, were threatening to turn the US ungovernable until the Ohio National Guard had to take recourse to the Kent State shooting on 4 May 1970. Recall that American pop culture, exemplified by Hollywood, recollects that their poster John F Kennedy was the hero of the troop withdrawal from the south-east Asian country although the reality is that Richard Nixon did more to end the war America had got sucked into due to an imperial France, but the then-Republican president is remembered as a villain. These activism-happy Americans have finally led their country to a point of no return. In the final chapter, the urge to fight for ‘freedom’ everywhere in the world — from former Yugoslavia to Tunisia to Egypt — has come home to roost. The US stands reduced to an extension counter of the CCP. In this deludedly free America, the are free-er than Americans.

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