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Alvi takes on Khurshid in latest episode of feud in Congress

Raashid Alvi has projected former Union minister Salman Khurshid as a saboteur, saying leaders like him issue statements that harm the Congress

Congress leader Raashid Alvi has reacted negatively to a recent statement of former foreign minister Salman Khurshid. Raashid Alvi said that there were leaders within the party who were hurting the party.

Alvi said, “Every other Congress leader is singing a different raga. This is a very unfortunate situation.”

Ghar ko āg lag gaī ghar ke charāgh se (figuratively, it’s sabotage),” Alvi said, adding that Rahul Gandhi was not wrong when he resigned. “He did not get the support of some leaders; so he resigned,” Alvi said.

Alvi recalled that that in 2004, under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi, the Congress had won the Lok Sabha election. Today’s statement is a reaction to Salman Khurshid opining on Rahul Gandhi’s resignation from the post of Congress president. Khurshid had said, “We need to know why we are in the position we are in today. Unfortunately, despite our strong request, Rahul Gandhi decided to step down and resign from the post of president.”

Khurshid said that the party wanted Rahul Gandhi to continue in office but it was his decision and “we respect it”.

Khurshid said that this was perhaps the only time in history when the party had not lost faith in its leader due to a big defeat. If Rahul Gandhi had stayed on as the party president, “we could have understood the reasons for our defeat better”, he said, adding that he was ill at ease with the temporary provision for Congress president.

And yet he said further that he wanted Sonia Gandhi to continue in that position with the remark that, with this statement, he hoped that his “pain” got registered somewhere. “I am not happy with that. Whoever is our leader, I want him or her to stay. I want them to stay,” he told The Indian Express.

The statement of Khurshid disturbed the rank and file of the Congress as it could be interpreted in different ways. Earlier, he had told Associated Press that, as Rahul Gandhi had “walked away”, the electoral debacle of the party in the 2019 Lok Sabha election could not be analysed. He later explained that comment, saying, “You have to have a leadership in place to do it. But unfortunately and sadly, we lost our leader. Our problem is that he walked away but we still remain committed to him… This is a unique thing. Two defeats and the leader still remains the leader. People still owe allegiance to him. But unfortunately, since he is not there, we haven’t been able to do the analysis.”

After the defeat in that election, Khurshid had, however, attributed the result to a “NaMo (Narendra Modi) wave”.

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