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Alliance Air brings to you flights cheaper than train travel

Alliance Air said this scheme was only for seven days in which you can book tickets from 3 August to 9 August and travel till 30 September



New Delhi: Want to travel by air? There’s good news for you. Now you can enjoy air travel at cost less than that of a train ticket. Alliance Air, the regional arm of Air India, made this announcement. The Alliance Air ticket prices start at Rs 990. The scheme is for a limited time. Alliance Air has released this scheme on the occasion of Independence Day.

The company has said in a statement that under the Independence Day Sale Carnival, air tickets are being provided at rates less than train fares. Passengers who travel by train will be able to take advantage of this.

Alliance Air said that this scheme was only for seven days in which you can book tickets from 3 August to 9 August. After this, you can travel between 3 August and 30 September on these tickets.

Alliance Air currently operates 110 flights to 53 destinations daily. These include Shimla, Kolhapur, Pantnagar, Bathinda, Ludhiana, Gwalior, Bikaner besides Kullu, Cochin, Mysore, Dew, etc.

This is not the first time that an airline has issued such a scheme. Earlier, the country’s largest airline company Indigo had announced a cheap airfare scheme. According to the company’s offer, the initial fare for domestic air travel was Rs 999.

The company has kept the rental price for international routes at Rs 3,499. Ticket ​bookings can be made from 31 July to 4 August under the anniversary sale. After this, you can travel between 15 August and 28 March 2020.

Alliance Air was founded in April 1996 as a subsidiary of Indian Airlines. The parent company wished to make better use of its Boeing 737 fleet, so it wet-leased 12 of these aircraft to Alliance Air. The subsidiary operated its first flight on 21 June 1996.

The company served as a low-cost feeder airline for Indian Airlines, providing connections to the latter’s hubs from various smaller cities across the country. In 2002 the airline was offering flights to 44 destinations in India utilizing a fleet of 11 Boeing 737-200s.

In 2007, when Indian Airlines was merged with Air India, it became the regional arm of Air India operating under a new identity as Air India Regional. In March 2017, the airline was again renamed Alliance Air.

Faster and cheaper travel is becoming a reality in India now. Just yesterday, there was news of Mumbai to Pune travel in 35 min by Hyperloop that would cause less than a flight.


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