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Alakh Pandey: Prayagraj guy whose physics tutorials take world by storm

With a modest familial background, the tutoring genius from Prayagraj found coaching centres so expensive that he thought of making it affordable to others, refusing offers from tutorial businesses when they were impressed by his teaching techniques online


This blink-and-you-miss-him commoner from Uttar Pradesh has made a mark in Pakistan with his brilliant coaching techniques. Not only Pakistan, but students and youth of Nepal, Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia also have become fans of Alakh Pandey. The tutor of Prayagraj has become famous in many countries of the world including India by uploading freely accessible videos of physics and chemistry coaching on YouTube.

Alakh Pandey offers free online coaching in physics and chemistry. He has garnered more than 19 lakh subscribers on his YouTube channel in just two years. The popularity of Alakh’s YouTube channel can be gauged from the fact that it has garnered 22 million views. His YouTube channel is named Physics Wallah — Alakh Pandey. Alakh has thus entered the league of the most famous online gurus of the world.

Alakh popular in India for NEET, JEE Main, JEE Advanced preparations

Alakh has become a favourite online tutor for students for videos to train students for the entrance examinations of engineering and medical colleges in India. Alakh, who has been uploading physics and chemistry lessons for nearly three years, is currently one of the most talked-about teachers on YouTube. On an average of 2.20 crore students of JEE Mains, JEE Advanced, engineering entrance examinations as well as students preparing for NEET and medical admissions from across the world watch his videos in hordes every month.

Medical students like him because their physics tends to be weaker as compared to the candidates educated in the pure sciences. Alakh loves making every concept easy for the most mathematically challenged.

YouTube recognition

His channel, named Physics Wallah, has received the ‘Gold Play Button’ award from YouTube, which is given to channels with at least 10 lakh subscribers each. Currently, his channel has 1.8 million subscribers. His lectures are based mainly on the NCERT syllabus.

Alakh explains the principles and formulae related to physics and chemistry so well that even school teachers advise children to watch his videos. Alakh does not lecture in physical coaching classes separately. To help students, he maintains a website. Free notes, books, quizzes are available on the website.

Alakh says, “I lived in South Malacca with my family. We were cash-starved; my family sold the house and moved to Kalindipuram. After finishing Class 12 from the Bishop Johnson School and College in Prayagraj in 2010, I started preparing for engineering entrance. Then I learned how expensive coaching is. So, I had no option other than mastering the subjects on my own.”

Hard work, resisting higher earning opportunities

He started teaching at a coaching institute in 2015 while doing his BTech from Harcourt Butler Technological Institute (HBTI) Kanpur. “But I wanted to help other students. So I decided to come to YouTube. In 2017 I started a YouTube channel called Physics Wallah and started uploading videos of concepts of physics and chemistry on it. Slowly, my video views increased. The channel’s subscribers grew, too. After about a year-and-a-half, I stopped teaching in coaching classes and completely engaged myself in uploading videos on the YouTube channel,” Alakh says.

Alakh said that it took him 6 h to make a 40-to-50 minute video. “I upload 28 videos every month. The biggest disadvantage of video coaching is that the students watching the video cannot ask questions at the same time to clear their doubts. So, while making a video, you have to guess the probable questions that a student may have,” he says.

Alakh Pandey said that he had turned down many offers from coaching institutes across the country.


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