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India Elections Akhtar, Yadav lead confusing campaigns for Kanhaiya Kumar

Akhtar, Yadav lead confusing campaigns for Kanhaiya Kumar

When Akhtar said the BJP was offering nothing more than a temple, the crowd did not appear to be believing in his words


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Begusarai: Noted poet and Bollywood lyricist Javed Akhtar on Tuesday disapproved of Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu urging Muslims to unite and vote against the BJP led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, asserting that a mind occupied with one’s religious identity can never make an informed political choice. At an election meeting here, Akhtar did not mention the Punjab minister by name but dropped ample hints to suggest that he was speaking about the former cricketer. The poet, who is campaigning in favour of CPI candidate Kanhaiya Kumar, said that wherever religion is mixed with politics, human rights and civil liberties become the first casualty.

Yogendra Yadav today reached Begusarai for the promotion of Kanhaiya Kumar. In a conversation with a news television channel, Yadav said that this election was not normal. He added the poll would decide the future of India.

While attacking the Modi government, Yadav alleged that this country was not counting how much unemployment has increased in this government’s tenure, but people are engaged in a count of how many people died in the Balakot attack. He accused Modi of adding a political colour to the Pulwama and Balakot attacks, saying it was an attempt to take the country in a dangerous direction. Yogendra alleged that Modi is using politics of vote under the disguise of fighting the war against terrorism.

The star campaigners, even Yadav, are perhaps alien to the language that works at the hustings. Their intellectual takes left the modest-sized audience wondering what they were trying to get at.

People wondered why Akhtar was targeting the Congress or Sidhu while Yadav’s language was suited more to a television talk show. When Akhtar said the BJP was offering nothing more than a temple, the crowd, which included some beneficiaries of the central government’s welfare schemes, did not appear to be believing in his words.

While the crowd was more than motley in some pockets, even then, the supporters of Kanhaiya Kumar clashed with whoever differed with his point of view, dealing a blow to his narrative that the Narendra Modi regime was intolerant.

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