Monday 18 October 2021
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Moin, Ahmed Patel’s accountant, may reveal big names getting hawala money

During the interrogation of his accountant, Patel reached the house of SM Moin and then claimed he had no idea an I-T raid was going on inside the building


New Delhi: The disclosures by the income tax department following its search operations at the house of Congress politician Ahmed Patel’s accountant SM Moin can scare many senior leaders of the party. The department claims that the amount of Rs 20 crore had reached the headquarters of a major political party through hawala from Tughlaq Road in Delhi.

The income tax department raided Moin, considered close to Ahmed Patel, a leader of the Congress known for his proximity to UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi. Patel is also rumoured to be a fund manager of the party. The statement of his accountant is being recorded.

I-T dept raided Moin after Miglani

In the capital, the income tax department raided two places on Sunday. The first house was home of Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister ’s personal assistant Rajendra Miglani in Green Park. The second house was in Gita Colony.

The department raided the house of Moin, chief accountant of Congress treasurer Patel, at Taj Enclave located in Gita Colony of East Delhi. According to the department, the raids are still underway.

A senior tax official said that the department had received information that about Rs 20 crore had come from Madhya Pradesh through hawala, which necessitated the raid.

‘Hawala house’ identified

The department claims that a politician from Delhi’s Tughlaq Road received a sum of Rs 20 crore through hawala and then the money was transferred to the headquarters of a major political party. Department sources claim that this house has been identified and, in this connection, Moin’s house was raided.

A senior official of the department said that Moin was questioned about the amount during the raid. During this interrogation, Patel reached the house in Gita Colony. The Congress leader now claims he had no idea about the raid. Patel says that he was there just to exchange pleasantries with Moin.

Ahmed Patel: Didn’t know I-T dept was on

Sources close to Patel say that after Moin came to the office on Monday and was found to be ill, Patel paid a visit at his accountant’s residence on Monday in the evening. Nobody stopped him, nor did he have any information about the case, Patel claims. He inquired about Moin’s health and left in 10 minutes.

According to sources, the matter is not limited merely to Rs 20 crore of hawala. The case may have links with some prominent leaders of a big political party. The house of one such leader is on the Tughlaq Road.

After Moin’s interrogation is over, these leaders can be summoned for questioning.

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