Tuesday 27 October 2020

Afroz kills Rahul, irked by his friendship with sister

'I heard Afroz saying that Rahul talked to his sister and he did not like it. He said while showering blows on Rahul that if he continued talking to his sister, he would kill him,' said the victim's uncle who had rushed to the spot to rescue his nephew

In a case demonstrating that reverse love jihad was impossible, an 18-year-old student of the University of Delhi was beaten to death for allegedly befriending a Muslim woman. In the evening of Wednesday, 7 October, Mohammed Afroz, Mohammed Raza and their accomplices beat Rahul Rajput so badly that it led to his death.

The police have arrested the woman’s brother Afroz and a relative. The cops say they arrested three teenagers in connection with the incident of crime too.

Rahul Rajput, who lost his life in the attack, was a very lively person, say members of his family. He was popular among his friends as well. The friends and family say Rahul was a promising student who was preparing for competitive examinations to secure a government job.

To unburden any possible financial burden on the family, Rahul used to teach children at coaching centres. He wanted to gift a Scooty to sister Muskan from his earnings. When the sister heard the news of the brother’s death, she fainted.

The five attackers had thrashed Rahul brutally on an earlier occasion. He would suffer nervous breakdowns whenever Jahangirpuri, the place where he was assaulted earlier, would be mentioned, his family says.

After the assault on 7 October, Rahul Rajput’s health started deteriorating at night. The family took him to Babu Jagjivan Ram Memorial Hospital in Jahangirpuri. Till he was conscious, he kept telling members of his family not to venture to Jahangirpuri. He breathed his last soon that day.

The post-mortem report issued last evening showed Rahul’s bowel was ruptured, which led to his death.

Rahul Rajput was a second-year student at Delhi University’s School of Open Learning. According to the police, the victim was friends with a girl in the area, whose brothers were against the relationship.

A senior police officer said that in the evening of 7 October, Afroz called Rahul on Nanda Road under some pretext. When Rahul reached the spot, he was allegedly beaten up by a group of four or five people. The police officer said that he was seriously injured in the attack, after which he was taken to the hospital, where he died during treatment.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Northwest) Vijayanta Arya said there were no visible bruises on the dead student’s body. The autopsy confirmed death due to injury to the spleen.

The police have registered a case under Sections 302 (murder) and 34 on the basis of the statement from Rahul’s uncle. In the statement, the uncle said that his nephew and the Muslim girl had known each other for almost two years. They lived in the same area, but the woman’s parents and especially her brothers were against friendship.

Rahul’s uncle Dharampal alleges that the girl’s brother had threatened Rahul earlier.

“On Wednesday, around 7 PM, I got a call from a friend who reported that five odd people were beating my nephew. When I rushed to the spot, I found that the girl’s brother and his accomplices were beating my nephew brutally. I heard Afroz saying that Rahul talked to his sister and he did not like it. He said while showering blows on Rahul that if he continued talking to his sister, he would kill him,” the victim’s uncle said.

Dharampal said that Rahul was having difficulty in breathing when he somehow rescued his nephew from the Muslim lynchers. Doctors at the hospital tried their best to save their lives, but could not succeed, the family of Rahul said.

Rahul’s last rites were performed in Mukteshwar where his remains were immersed yesterday. His relatives demand a speedy trial and capital punishment for the lynchers. They have demanded that the law treat the three minors among the accused as adults.

Police is investigating the case. Cops have been deployed in the area to avoid trouble.

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