Saturday 16 October 2021
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Afghanistan ministry of women affairs debars women by Taliban order

Earlier, the Taliban had promised to form an inclusive government to run Afghanistan, but it announced an all-male cabinet later


After making it clear that ‘women can’t be ministers,’ the Taliban has now banned the entry of female employees in the Ministry of Women Affairs in Kabul (Afghanistan). Only men would be allowed to enter the of the ministry.

An employee of the ministry said that four women had been stopped from entering the building. The women employees now plan to protest near the ministry against the decision of the caretaker Taliban government.

The move is not surprising, as the Islamic terrorist organisation had last week announced it would replace the Ministry of Women Affairs with the “Ministry of Amr bil Ma’ruf wa Nahy aan al Munkar” (Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice).

A Taliban spokesman Sayed Zekrullah Hashimi has made it clear that women cannot be ministers. “It is not necessary for a to be in the Cabinet,” he made it clear to the presenter.

“We do not consider them half of the society. What kind of half? The half in itself is misdefined here. Women cannot do the work of Afghan ministry. It is like you put something on her neck that she cannot carry,” Hashimi asserted.

The Taliban had earlier said that they will give to women, but only what is permitted under Sharia law. They promised to form an “inclusive” government in several media statements but quickly backtracked and announced an ‘all-male’ care-taker including designated global terrorists as ministers on 7 September.

Resisting the Taliban’s attempt to oppress women, a large number of women had taken to the streets to protest against the Jihadi organization. However, mocking their attempt to find a place in the government as well as the society, Hashimi had said, “The female protesters do not represent all women of Afghanistan, (they) give birth to children and (should) educate them on Islamic ethics.”

With the Taliban taking over Afghanistan, women have been mandated to wear hijab, students have been asked to wear only Islamic dresses, classrooms have been gender-segregated and women have been barred from moving out of the house without a male companion.

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