Friday 17 September 2021
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Afghanistan And Ilk No Home For Humans

It is by now a largely held opinion that US President Joe Biden royally messed up with the deal his predecessor Donald Trump had struck with the terrorists of Afghanistan, the Taliban, to have the monkey off the American back. It beats commonsense how the political leadership of a country, which has been seasoned by several instances of intervention and hasty withdrawal from faraway, lands, could think of a total withdrawal of troops even before the lives of American civilians were still hanging in the balance. A bumbling Biden may be safe in his seat for four years, but the world must pay for the lasting consequences of the goofy president. Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has been equally callous in his approach while Minister Heiko Maas is running helter-skelter to ensure some way to evacuate the small number of people who are still left behind, desperate to escape hell. When at the Doha peace talks, too-clever-by-half American diplomats dreamed of an Afghan-led and Afghan-owned Afghanistan, the portents were already ominous. In the absence of the White soldier, why ‘moderate’ Islamists hitherto being referred to as the official government of Afghanistan would not give in to a hardened Taliban, only a Western romantic can tell. Now, with an opportunistic China eager to befriend the terrorists-turned-officials of the war-ravaged country, the US, all Nato countries, and if murmurs in New Delhi are to be believed, even India must have working relations with the once hijackers of an Indian Airlines plane. The statesmen of any country who thinks the Taliban must have reformed, failing which they will be starved of funds, does not know what the mettle those who swear by Islam are made of. When Prime Minister of the UK, Boris Johnson, warns, “If the new regime… wants diplomatic recognition or to unlock the billions currently frozen, they will have to ensure safe passage for those who wish to leave the country, to respect the rights of women and girls…,” one wishes he had studied the ideology of the 7th-century desert cult in its right spirit. For an Islamic ‘paradise’, the men who drag a US helicopter with a jeep can starve but never bend. The World Bank and the cannot, of course, speak a clearly political language, but they know it for sure that the Taliban couldn’t care less about their embargo. More so when not only China but even a past enemy like Russia is ready to extricate the fanatic regime from financial troubles. Already, the Kremlin has asked Washington to release the Afghan central bank reserves on humanitarian grounds and Chinese Minister Wang Yi has urged US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to engage with the Taliban and “guide it actively”.

Meanwhile, defying the joint statement by the UK, the US and more than 90 other countries that the Taliban has assured that nationals and Afghans with travel authorisation from other countries will be allowed to leave, the no-longer-designated terrorists are carrying out house-to-house searches, scaring the daylights out of people associated with the former government and western forces. In the absence of any leverage in Afghanistan, the philanthropic countries will next fail to provide humanitarian aid when ordinary Afghans die without food and treatment of diseases even as the winter menacingly approaches. While China eyes a trillion-dollar worth of minerals in its new digging ground, it is doubtful the CCP will sanction relief for the dying people in exchange of prospective metallurgical rights. And the rocky country has little or no agriculture to boast of. This is over and above the precarious fate of women, treated as subhumans by Islamic diktat and the plight of children who can only learn how to kill.

With the West having run out of good options, there is only one way the perpetuating Mohammedan influence across not only Afghanistan but also large swathes of a forgotten held to ransom by Boko Haram — the world forgot Isis-hit Syria and the Levant this past fortnight — can be reversed: If, exasperated, Muslims themselves revolt against some basic teachings of their religion. Seeing the abject surrender of the Afghan forces on 15 August, that optimistic scenario of a distant fortuity looks bleaker. But finally, there is no other way the malaise that broke out in Arabia more than 1,400 years ago can be treated.

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