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Advocate sees veiled promotion of Christianity in IMA’s diatribes against Ramdev

Vishnu Sharma said he watched a television debate where Jayalal was 'abusing, scolding and threatening Baba Ramdev', which hurt the disciples of the yoga guru


Close on the heels of the Indian Medical Association’s (IMA) complaint against Baba Ramdev for his remarks on allopathy and doctors, a Delhi-based advocate lodged a complaint against the IMA head Johnrose Jayalal on Friday.

Police said they received a complaint from Advocate Vishnu Sharma against Jayalal for “maliciously bringing Christianity in all statements made by him”.

The advocate mentions in his complaint that Jayalal is promoting enmity between religious groups by making such statements on social media.

In his complaint, Advocate Sharma said he watched a television debate where Jayalal was ”abusing, scolding and threatening Baba Ramdev” and he was hurt since he is a “disciple” of the yoga guru.

Sharma then mentioned how Jayalal was “promoting Christian religion” through his media interviews.

Jayalal had rubbished the charge, but…

Earlier, Acharya Balkrishna, who is managing director of Patanjali Ayurved, on 24 May alleged there was a “conspiracy to convert the entire country into Christianity” and yoga and Ayurveda were “being maligned by targeting” Ramdev. He tweeted an image of Dr Johnrose Austin Jayalal, the national president of the IMA, accusing the latter of attempting to propagate Christianity in hospitals and colleges.

Balkrishna posted a screenshot of an article on The Daily Switch from late March, which claimed that Jayalal wanted to use his position to convert young medical students and doctors to Christianity. Interestingly, Ramdev also retweeted the posts by Balkrishna.

RSS mouthpiece Organiser covered the allegations against Jayalal in an article on Tuesday, noting the IMA chief had been leading the crusade against Ramdev.

On Wednesday, BJP leader P Muralidhar Rao tweeted The Daily Switch article and wrote “Is it true..?? Shocking… IMA has a moral and ethical obligation to come out clean on this to protect its image of fairness & integrity.”

Gaurav Goel, a BJP spokesperson from Chandigarh, shared a screenshot of The Daily Switch article, on Tuesday and tweeted, “Now please understand why IMA is after Swami Ramdev. The IMA President wants to convert Young Medical Students to Christianity.”

BJP MP Subramanian Swamy also shared The Daily Switch article on late on Tuesday and asked “Is this verified?”

Jayalal responded to Swamy by tweeting an interview he had given to US-based magazine Christianity Today in March. In the interview, Jayalal had argued that the pandemic had stirred the church in India to action. Jayalal asked Swamy to read the Christianity Today article and see whether he was promoting “religious faith”. He claimed the allegations against him were “purposely done to tarnish me”.

Jayalal tweeted “Respectful Dr, I have great respect for your intellectual comments and deep understanding on various issues. I appeal to you sir,kindly read the article cited as I am promoting religious faith and kindly comment on where I have done like that? It is purposely done to tarnish me.”

Jayalal, who is a professor of at Tirunelveli Government Medical College Hospital in Tamil Nadu, was elected national president of the IMA for 2020-21. He has specialised in laparoscopic surgery.

Jayalal had responded to the claims by Balkrishna by telling The Times of India, “I have never done or intended to do anything with religion in mind.”

Dr DD Chaudhary, a member of the central working committee of the IMA, had criticised Balkrishna over the allegations. Chaudhary said, “This is unfortunate that such people with a big following are making statements like this. At this hour, there should be nothing like this to create confusion and divide among the masses. People will be confused and suffer.”

However, given the evidence against Dr Jayalal, seen in his quote marked in the featured image above, the accusers are not impressed.

No yet

IMA Secretary General Dr Jayesh Lele lodged a police complaint on 27 May, alleging that Ramdev was spreading misinformation about Covid treatment and doctors through his videos. Earlier, Dr Lele was seen heckling Baba Ramdev in the course of a televised debate where he repeatedly told the yoga to “shut up” whenever the latter spoke.

Dr Lele on Thursday asked the police to book Ramdev under sedition for spreading false information and promoting enmity between groups.

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